The New Mosmann Swim Shorts Are Tailored For You

It breaks our hearts, but a lot of men still think of those loose-fitting swim trunks when it comes to their swimwear. You know the ones: they inflate when you get in the water, and never have a flattering fit. Which is a shame, because if you’re only wearing one thing when you swim, it better look good on you. So if you’re holding on to those parachute swim trunks, let go, and reach for one (or two) of the new Mosmann Swim Shorts.

Mosmann’s Tailored Swim Shorts are made to fit like your favorite pair of shorts. They’re cut with a mid-thigh length and a form-fitting silhouette that lets them transition from cabana to coast without missing a beat. The real trick is their tapered legs. They help keep Mosmann Tailored Swim Shorts fitting comfortably close to your body. Something elset keeps their swim shorts fashionably fit: streamlined pockets that stay flat and keep the modern cut looking sharp. So if you’re still rocking those baggy swim short looks you wore as a kid, it’s time for an upgrade.

Another feature that makes the Mosmann Tailored Swim Shorts stand out is their front fly button and zip closure. You don’t see front fly buttons on swimwear that often. But if you do, they’re on the season’s more fashionable swimwear. A button fly is a small touch that adds a world of class to Mosmann’s latest swimwear. A lot of swim designs opt for a drawstring that gets the job done, but doesn’t look all that stylish. A front button fly gives Mosmann’s latest swimwear looks enough versatility for them to double as shorts – perhaps along a boardwalk or at an amusement park. Wear them with a button-down for a spiffy summer look. Wear them at home as single-layer loungewear.

Fashion isn’t the only thing Mosmann is concerned with though. All of the Mosmann Swim Shorts are designed with a quick-drying polyester microfiber. They’re also designed with a mesh lining and drawstring – both on the inside – to keep the shorts and your package in place.

The Mosmann Swim Shorts for S/S 16 are sold as single pairs, or as 2-packs. Designs range from classic solid colors to prints.

Which of the latest Mosmann Swim Shorts would you wear on a day at the coast? Do you prefer your swimwear to be solid, or to rock some kind of print? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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