THE EIGHTH Visits Havana, Cuba

Bienvenido a Cuba! In a new set of model photos from THE EIGHTH’s editorial platform, THE 8IGHTH WONDER visits Havana, Cuba where bright color and culture seep out of the city’s walls. The photoshoot by Canadian photographer Kevin Slack provides both stunning images of models from different backgrounds and a seductive commentary on the photographer’s obsession with Cuba.

Over the past few months everyone’s eyes have been on Cuba as it opens up to new opportunities for amiable growth with the United States. THE 8IGHTH WONDER, which strives to work outside the bounds of strict ideologies, takes us to the heart of the country and gives us a look at THE EIGHTH underwear in a seriously sexy photoshoot. Here the models paint us a picture in a photographic story about one aspect of the Cuban experience and the changes that are to come.

Wandering around Cuba’s streets, the photographer came across a site known as La Casa de los Marquéses de Arcos in old Havana. There he met the people who were working to restore this mansion to its former glory and turn it into a museum. As with many of Havana’s old buildings, La Casa de los Marquéses de Arcos has a long history of decay and revitalization. Its owners ranging from doctors to royal treasurers, this house serves as the perfect location for THE 8IGHTH WONDER’s shoot.

Delivering contrasting colors, Slack’s photos provoke thought in their lighting. In the first half of the set we see dimly lit models set against the brightly colored backdrops or a buildings in decay. In one photo, model Yunier leans against a wall as the dust from the drywall begins to cover him in his Lounge Boxer.

The later half of the shoot shows brightly lit models amid a greying scenery, where Yunier is wearing The Brief in Monochromatic White and Ricardo sports the Lounge Boxer in grey. In the final image, entirely in black and white, a model turns his back as he changes into a pair of THE EIGHTH boxer briefs.

The ladders pictured thematically move us to higher places. And as the models slowly begin to climb them, we are reminded perhaps of the upward movement of the working class in Cuba and the country’s ever-changing scenery.

These beautiful images showcase several different styles from THE EIGHTH’s collection and the brand’s ability to provoke thought in the subtleties of their models and designs.

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For more information on the brand: THE EIGHTH

Photo Credit: Kevin Slack

Model Credit: Yunier, Jorge Luis, Ricardo

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