The Cocksox Challenge

Cocksox Challenge

Feeling like you should step out of your underwear comfort zone? Making the transition from refined, conservative underwear to skimpy and sexy? Then why not do our Cocksox Challenge to make the transition fun and bold. Here’s how the challenge will work: each week, you’ll try a new and more revealing pair of Cocksox underwear. Finish the series and you’ll earn the title of Cocksox Champion!

Week One: Start simple. You didn’t think we were going to dive in head first did you? The CX16N Bikini Brief is a great introductory brief for our challenge. Having full butt coverage and a contoured pouch, the brief slims down on the sides and gives new definition to your package. This brief hows more skin than your average brief, while still leaving some to the imagination.

Week Two: Kick it up a notch! We’re adding some mesh this week with the CX75 Mesh Sports Brief. The mesh on this brief reveals your rear but keeps your jewels hidden. It’s sexy and revealing, but not too revealing. Playful, but not too playful. You get the picture. This brief introduces you to showing off. You’ll want to make sure someone sees you in this.

Week Three: You’ve made it to week three of the challenge, which means you’re ready for the full-blown skimpy look. Rock out with your.. well. The CX14ME Mesh Slingshot bears it all. The Slingshot design holds your package in a small compartment, but hides nothing through the mesh fabric. As a thong, the Slingshot also shows off your butt. What you do in this brief is up to you, but once you’ve shown off your body in the Mesh Slingshot you’ve definitely set the bar high.

Don’t shy away from sexy underwear because of it’s revealing nature. As they say, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. It could be just the change you needed!

Will you be joining in on the challenge? Keep us posted on your progress by commenting below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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