Undress For The Season Of Stylish Swim

You only wear one thing when you’re swimming, so you better make it count. When it comes to stylish swimwear, you can throw typical fashion rules out the window. A swim suit can be bright or dark. It can be minimal or more discrete. In other words: it all comes down to your personal style, and how much skin you’re willing to bare and where you want those tan lines to form.

Your swim style may change based on your location or what waters you’ll be dipping in to, but most American men are accustomed to swim short or swim trunk styles. Yes, unfortunately that often includes those baggy, unfashionable things that inflate when you step into a pool. However, if swim shorts are your style, we encourage you to try something that’s form-fitting and stops above the knee. These suits are classy, fashionable, and appropriate on a beach trip with the family or a pool party with friends. Button closures and a length that stops about mid-thigh are signs a brand is doing things right. Also, keep an eye out for modern patterns and high-end finishes like zippers, grommets or tags. The shorts leg should fit close – this will keep you looking good and make for easier movement in the water.

Men who are braver, bolder, or from any country other than the U.S. will want something that covers less skin when venturing into the water. For these guys, we strongly recommend a pair of swim briefs (more commonly though incorrectly called a speedo). Most swim briefs will be cut high on the thighs, exposing that upper leg to the sun it deserves. Depending on the brand, you can find a rise at any level from family friendly to ludicrously low. How much you choose to show might be based on the company you keep, or the tan lines you wish to cultivate.

Once you figure out what kind of swimwear style you’re comfortable in, you’re going to want to find a design that leaves you feeling confident. With swimwear, there’s more skin than fabric, so make that real estate count! Geometric patterns and prints are dominating the most stylish swimwear for the Spring/Summer 2016 season. From big, bold, color-blocked stripes, to tiny repeating grenades (yes…grenades), our roundup proves that ultra-simple is not the way to go this summer.

Another thing to keep in mind, and perhaps the most important: you don’t want to be seen wearing the same suit every time you go for a dip. Have more than one pair of swimwear in your arsenal. Mix it up, keep ’em guessing and be prepared for any wet or wild occasion!

What kind of swimwear styles do you like to be caught wearing during Spring and Summer? Which our features pairs of stylish swimwear would you wear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Marcuse, N2N, Parke & Ronen, Radical Energy, teamm8

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Cody Callahan | DT Model Management

Feature Image: Parke & Ronen Jet Stream Striped Meridian Bikini Brief – Coral

Products Supplied by Marcuse, N2N, Parke & Ronen, Radical Energy, teamm8



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