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Color has no gender, which makes us wonder: why don’t more men wear pink? Most of the bolder shades of the color exude fun and energy, something we can all use more of! Some might think pink on a man is a risky choice, but we stand by our opinion that every guy should try the color. Even if you’re not a man of many colors, a little burst of bright beneath your jeans could add some zest to your otherwise colorless clothes. There’s no safer way to give a color a try than with a pair of undies, and there’s no better time to try pink than in the Spring. For this week’s Style Guide, we put model Jordan Michael in some of the brightest and boldest pairs of pink undies for the spring season.

Springtime is all about la vie en rose. It’s that time of year where dark colors just don’t feel right any longer – but you can feel pitch perfect in the right pink underwear. Take the C-IN2 Undertone Trunk in Shocking Pink for example. Almost all of C-IN2’s underwear appeals to active types of men. This pair does it with a bold waistband and a modern square cut. A distressed stripe design also brings some added masculinity to the look. Wear this one on a lunch date, or while making a triumphant exit from the gym after a long workout.



C-IN2 Undertone One Army Trunk – Get it here!



teamm8 Marathon Brief – Coming Soon!

Another brand that designs with an active lifestyle in mind is teamm8, and their new Marathon Brief just so happens to come in pink. It’s one of the most athletic-looking pink pairs you’ll find this season. If you’re man enough to wear pink, this is the pair you wear to a baseball game, or to brunch. Black and grey in the front, it keeps the color confined to the rear, making for one awesome contrast that really makes your posterior pop.

Modus Vivendi’s Weekly Brief in Fuscia is for men who have no fear of pink. With a white waistband, it’s easily the brightest pair of pink men’s underwear for the season. It may look sugary sweet, but the cut is still mucho masculine. It’s designed with a narrow brief cut that’s all the rage lately – built for showing off the physique. Making it even more manly: a wide waistband and bold branding. This pair has picnic in the park written all over it. Maybe even a relaxing bike ride on a bright and sunny day.


Modus Vivendi Weekly Brief – Get it here!



2(X)IST Electric Fashion Brief – Get it here!

If you’re really feeling the power of pink, our next pair really makes a statement. When you embrace your inner boldness, you’re ready for the 2(X)IST Electric Fashion Brief in Rose Violet. Where most men’s underwear brands let pink stand alone or throw black and white into the mix, this pair powers up with an unexpected touch of orange. The 2(X)IST Electric Collection is also a fan favorite, meaning the color and comfort will give you a double dose of confidence.

We encourage you think pink this Spring. Whether you’ve worn the color before or not, we strongly encourage you to give it a shot! It’s fun, and when a man wears it, it shows off a clear sense of style and fearlessness. Play around in pink underwear, and feel some positivity you’ve never felt before.

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Are you man enough to wear pink underwear this Spring? Which or your springtime plans calls for such a happy color? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, C-IN2, Modus Vivendi, teamm8

Model: Jordan Michael

Feature Image: C-IN2 Undertone One Army Trunk – Shocking Pink

Products Supplied by 2(X)IST, C-IN2, Modus Vivendi, teamm8


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