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Everything starts looking up when Spring hits. The weather gets warmer and people get happier. Flowers start to bud and trees come back to life. Everything is in bloom, and your underwear collection should be too. Bright colors are a trend you simply can’t avoid in Spring – and you shouldn’t want to. Even if you shy away from bright reds and light blues, it’s prime time to add a dose of color to your underwear drawer.

We’ve put model Jonathan Ackley in some of the freshest and brightest pairs for the season, starting with teamm8’s Super Low Brief in Blue Radiance. It’s designed with a handsome shade of light blue you could wear just about any time of the year, but it’s especially appropriate for the start of Spring. You’re transitioning out of dark winter colors like navy, and this light shade is a perfect first step into the warmer (and happier) season. Your winter blues are warming up and melting away with a Spring fever.




teamm8 Super Low Brief – Get it here!


Garcon Model Espanola Trunk – Get it here!

For something a little more playful, there’s the Garçon Model Espanola Trunk. Men’s underwear in yellow and pink isn’t something you see everyday. But if you do see it, it’ll be during springtime – maybe at a party or in a club where it can really shine. It’s modern. It’s zesty. It’s the epitome of stylish Spring flair. The metallic waistband also helps illuminate those energetic colors, making this pair the life of the party.

A lot of men have pairs of red underwear, but most aren’t as bright as the Modus Vivendi Weekly Trunk. The red is borderline neon, and could almost pass for performance underwear with its sporty waistband. The classic design also gives it plenty of staying power – it’s a pair you break out in Spring, and never need to phase out. Got a hot date with a spring fling? You might want to wear this one.


Modus Vivendi Red Weekly Trunk – Get it here!


C-IN2 Super Bright – Get it here!

Another warm color you don’t see much of: orange. It’s probably the least common color for men’s underwear, but we have no idea why. Just look at C-IN2’s Super Bright Brief. The hip brief cut is right on trend, equal parts fashion and fitness. It makes the perfect canvas for some awesome neon orange. The cut and color also make it perfect for men with an athletic style. We recommend changing into this pair after working on that summer body at the gym. Editorial note: Before publishing we actually ran out of the C-IN2 Super Bright Brief, but the link above will take you to the equally sexy “Toxic Green” Trunk! Be bold and give it a try.

There’s sure to be those cool spring days, ones where the sun is out but there’s still a lingering chill in the air. You might be tempted to reach for those winter hues, but don’t it! Instead, work the middle ground of hot and cool with Wood’s Aqua Stripe Trunk. It’s mostly blue, but if you’re picking up on some warmth, you’re spotting the orange and yellow stripes woven into the mix. The stripes are also inspired by the rings of a tree, which we like to think of as a nod to the Spring season.


Wood Aqua Striate Trunk – Get it here!

We get it: brightly colored underwear isn’t for everyone. Some men wouldn’t think of wearing bright undies outside of the gym. Some men avoid them entirely. Take it from us fellas, if you’re not playing with bright colors under your jeans, there’s room for some style improvement. Once the weather cools back down, you’ll wish your lived in color when you had the chance. Warm up to the idea of bright colors in your underwear drawer. Put your fears to rest and treat yourself to something bold and fresh. Spring is the time to begin anew, underwear collections included. Shop the story below to add any of our featured pairs to your springtime rotation.

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Are you planning to live in color this Spring? Got a favorite bright color when it comes to your underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brand: C-IN2, Garçon Model, Modus Vivendi, teamm8, Wood

Model: Jonathan Ackley

Feature Image: teamm8 Super Low Brief – Blue Radiance

Products Supplied: C-IN2, Garçon Model, Modus Vivendi, teamm8, Wood


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