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We get it: some men like to dress dark. Their personal spin on it can be classy or rocker-esque, maybe even (dare we say) sultry. Either way, these guys have style with a little edge. It’s not that they’re afraid of color, it’s just that black is their bread and butter. And if they wear another color, it’s used to accent the black and make that darkness pop. There’s no color better at this than red. We think you’ll agree that black and red is the sexy color combination.

We took model Alvaro Francisco to a hotel room for this style guide dedicated to black and red underwear. The setting may be sensual, but the pairs he wears range from your everyday classics to something more arousing. Right in the middle is where you’d find Parke & Ronen’s Black Brief and the Cocksox Waistband Brief. A lot of men wear black because it’s effortlessly elegant, and these two pairs emphasize that minimal aesthetic.

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The Parke & Ronen Brief is one of the slickest pairs of underwear you’ll find. The solid black design is endlessly versatile. They top it off with red lowercase branding on a satin-finish waistband for some high-class flair. It’s refined look may be suitable for your typical day, but this isn’t your typical black brief. Perfect under a suit, or under nothing at all, this pair is just right for a job interview or opening a bottle of red at home with that special someone.

The Cocksox Waistband Brief does something a little more laid back, yet equally fashionable. Like the featured Parke & Ronen pair, Cocksox keeps their red accents on the waistband with some border stripes. White accents also help dress the pair down a tad. Think of it as the Parke & Ronen Black Brief’s sportier cousin. It’s more casual, and a pair you’re guaranteed to wear time and time again. With it, you get some athleticism but still a little bit of class.

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Keep in mind though, black and red underwear isn’t just for men who wear leather jackets or wax-coated denim. Happy Socks and papi are two brands that take the edgy color combo to more casual places. The Happy Socks Random Triangle Boxer Brief is one of the most disarming pairs. Yes, we cheated this one into the group as it’s technically dark blue and red, but it’s a VERY dark blue. It’s made with a geometric design that’s more upbeat than it is modern or trend-setting. Like the name suggests, the large triangles are scattered randomly, making this a pair for guys who like to have a little fun. This pair aims to charm rather than seduce.

The papi Mix Stripe Brazilian Trunk in Garnet is probably the most casual pair Alvaro wears in his hotel room. It’s also the one with the most balance between red and black. The stripe widths vary and set the boxer brief apart from pairs with more typical stripe designs. They also use more than one shade of red for a more eye-catching look. This pair also has a button-fly for a more put-together finish. Wear this one whenever you want, because casual should never mean ordinary.

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Modus Vivendi and C-IN2 take a sportier approach on their featured pairs of black and red underwear. The Modus Vivendi TNT Brief flips the color combination around and uses black and white to accent a red body. They do this with contrasting seams, easily one of the best-looking athletic designs featured. It’s the kind of look that’s as active as it is casual. We recommend breaking this pair out after the gym, or on a more casual date.

The C-IN2 Zen Brief is another pair for guys who like to dress dark and athletic, but we wouldn’t call it casual. No, this is one of the sexier pairs in our photoshoot. The brief’s cut is so narrow, it could like like a bikini from a distance. But what really makes it sexy is how the pouch connects to the rest of the underwear. The seams give it an Eastern-inspired flair. We’d tell you to wear this when you’re going to get lucky, but honestly, this is the kind of sexy pair you could wear anytime as your best kept secret.

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You might hear “black and red” and think of rockstars, bikers or some other man with a nocturnal sense of fashion. But the truth is, black and red is versatile color combination that any guy can work into his personal style. Men who dress edgy made it a thing, but now you can make it your own.

Are you the kind of man who like to dress head to toe in black? Which of our featured pairs of black and red underwear do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: C-IN2, Cocksox, Happy Socks, papi, Parke & Rone

Model: Alvaro Francisco

Feature Image: papi Mix Stripe Brazilian Trunk – Garnet

Products Supplied by C-IN2, Cocksox, Happy Socks, papi, Parke & Ronen


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