Spring Staples: Blue Trunks

The middle of spring can be trying for the man of style. Just as the temperatures finally start to climb and that golden tan is in sight, the sun and fun can be stymied by blizzards and bluster rearing their ugly heads once more. While you may be stuck somewhere between your favorite Bermudas and your most flattering corduroys, you don’t have to worry when it comes to your underwear. Neither too long, nor too short, trunks strike the perfect balance when the weather is in doubt. With a nod to those April showers, we’ve teamed up with YouTuber and one of our very own style reports, Daniel X Miller to show you some of the best in blue.

One of the great things about the trunk cut is that it allows for a little more modesty while retaining the support of a traditional brief. The dark aegean blue trunk by Jor is a great start. It was a favorite of Daniel’s, and not just because it perfectly matched his eyes. With it’s low-rise waist and a shorter square cut it handsomely framed our handsome model, and it’s sure to do the same for you.

The striking cobalt trunk by Gregg Homme is the way to go if you don’t want to sacrifice that sexy feeling in the interest of more coverage. Constructed with a feather-light fabric and designed to hug the contours of your body, it’s the best way to look stunning while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all.

When the wind whips up and you need a little more coverage you can turn to JM brand. Their longer trunk cuts and extra-soft material are superb for lounging around the house on a chilly spring afternoon. The long trunk in brilliant sapphire blue by Junk Underjeans will come in handy at the gym with its extra support and breathable mesh fabric.
Finally, if you’re out to make everyone jealous – and we know you are – you can be the Envy of all in their stand-out, navy-inspired, camouflage trunk. Whichever pair you choose this season one thing is clear: whether you want the world watching you on YouTube or in real-life, slipping into a pair of blue trunks is a guaranteed way to get a lot of views.

Is blue YOUR favorite color? Do you wear trunks for a season, or all year round? Tell us about it in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Gregg Homme, Junk Underjeans, Envy, JM, Jor

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Daniel X Miller

Feature Image: Blue Trunk by Jor

Products Supplied by Gregg Homme, Junk Underjeans, Envy, JM, Jor



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