Ask The Expert: The Skinny Jean Dilemma

Skinny Jean Dilemma

We are all familiar with the “Skinny Jean Dilemma.” What underwear goes best underneath that tight fit? We’ve got a few options to help you out.

Nico from Austin, TX – Hey Underwear Expert, Nico here. I was wondering what kind of boxers you would recommend for a guy who wants to experiment more with his clothing. I’ve been thinking about trying skinny jeans, but I don’t wanna stray too far away from boxers, which I find to be loose and most comfortable. Is there a way to wear boxers with skinny jeans? What do you recommend?

The Underwear Expert – Howdy Nico and thanks for writing! It can definitely be tricky business in getting a comfortable, loose, and “no feel” boxer into those skinny jeans, but we’re happy you’re looking to experiment with your clothing. Maybe you should experiment with your underwear too. There are many types that feel like you aren’t wearing anything and that are very comfortable to wear under a tight pair of pants.

CK One Skinny Jean Boxer – For starters, here’s a boxer that is designed specifically for skinny jeans. The Skinny Jean Boxer has a slimmer fit than most boxers, but is still loose and light.

C-IN2 Lo No Show Profile Brief – If you’re looking to try new things, why not try a brief. A brief is a great way to keep everything packaged together nicely. This brief from C-IN2 hugs your body, but isn’t too tight so you’ll feel comfortable in a slim-fit denim.

Parke & Ronen Solid Pima Cotton Trunk– The boxer brief style is a great crossover option for most slim fitting jeans. This boxer brief will give you the same amount of coverage as a looser boxer short, but its form-fitting shape will prevent it from bunching up in the way looser underwear sometimes can.


What kind of underwear do you wear with skinny jeans? What question do you have for The Underwear Expert? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brands: Calvin Klein UnderwearParke & RonenC-IN2

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein Underwear, Parke & Ronen, C-IN2


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  1. Ryon says:

    The only type of underwear I own are thong and g-string underwear. They are super comfortable and I have been wearing them exclusively for the last 21 years, I am 36. All of my jeans, joggers and clothing period are thin and tight fitting. With skinny jeans, definitely go with a thong.

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