Radical Energy: Team Gary or Team Luke?

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The boys are back and it’s time for them to duke it out. In the battle of the hottest, which side will you be rooting for in Radical Energy: Team Gary or Team Luke? Both contenders are excellent choices for summer swimwear styles, but each has a particular taste for something different, and each is attempting to win you over with their wow factors. Take a look at the lineup below (in no particular order) and what each team has to offer and make the choice for yourself.

Team Gary

Radical Energy: Team

The Gary is your classic swim brief. Gary has a 3″ waistband and will stick with you through and through. Not only does Gary have your back, but he’s got your front too and is truly an incredible support system to have. In good times and in bad, Gary will be with you until the end.

Team Luke

Radical Energy: Team

The Luke Brief is an Australian style swim brief and has a slightly slimmer waistband at 2.5″. Luke is daring, Luke is bold and Luke wants you to put him on. Luke is an elastic free brief with only a draw-string to tie things down. Don’t let that fool you though, Luke is more than willing to get loose no matter where you wear him.

Alright boys, take it easy. We can be civil about this, can’t we? Wanna know the real kicker? Both styles are available in over 15 designs. Choose from the Razor Wire Green, or the Grenade Navy, or perhaps the Brass Knuckles Blue for a real punch. Things just got a whole lot more interesting!

Which team are you rooting for? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Radical Energy

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