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PPU Brief Update 1234

PPU is a brand focused on taking cues straight out of the locker room. But we’re not talking about any old, dingy locker room. We’re talking about a wild, sexy and adventurous one. A ‘locker room’ where sporty looks, are redesigned with a severe amount flair, that brings sporty and sexy together. This ‘locker room’ often times can even enter the realm of naughty, like the brands ‘Leash thong’ as seen in part of our fetish shoot. And it doesn’t end there, this sporty-meets-sexy-meets-naughty look can be seen in the brands wide array of fashionable jocks and innovative, modern-cut thongs. But thongs and jocks aside, we’re here to take a closer look at the latest briefs in our ‘PPU Brief Update.’

PPU lets the brief speak from itself by removing flashy collection names and replacing them with basic numbers. The three briefs we’ll discuss in our ‘PPU Brief Update’ are the 1555 brief, the 1564 brief, and the 1568 brief. The 1555 brief is made from a stretch microfiber for a light and airy feel, with a dual-tone pattern, and semi-sheer wave-like stripe along the middle. The brief is also cut a bit longer down the leg then a regular brief, and is available in both black and blue.

The 1564 brief is also cut longer down the leg, more similar to the common trunk, with mesh detailing towards the top. This brief is available in turquoise and gray, and is form-fitting, to help accentuate and define your body better. The third brief is the 1568 brief which is available in turquoise and white. This brief is made with a fashionable, asymmetric design and sheer mesh panels for a more bold, exotic look.

What did you think of items mentioned of our PPU Brief Update? Which brief would you most like to wear? Please let us know by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: PPU

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar, PPU

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