A Picnic Lunch on the Sydney Harbour

Picnic Lunch

Where are you going for Lunch today? We’re headed to the Sydney Harbour for a savory taste of Lunch Underwear’s latest campaign. Model Stephane Marti brings the goods to this picnic lunch serving up a delicious look at the Liquid Lunch Swim Brief. This Lunch is not your average peanut butter and jelly though. This lunch is the full spread and we’re loving it.

The sun sets on the Sydney Harbour as we sit down for a late Lunch with the 35 year old Swiss-Australian archictect & designer Stephane Marti. Leave it to Lunch to bring us the most interesting models. Stephane moved to Australia to improve his English and ended up meeting his partner Ben Palumbo, an Australian singer. The couple moved back to Switzerland a year later so Stephane could obtain a masters in architecture.

In 2014, Stephane joined Wink Models and has been featured in numerous shoots including one with Ben and their newborn. Married in 2015, this cute pair is now back in Australia where Stephane continues to model and has started his own business with 3D printing. The photos make one thing clear: this hunk looks good in a sexy pair of Australian swimwear from Lunch and we’re happy he’s back in the Southern Hemisphere.

The new model photos released from Lunch Underwear feature Stephane moving from the beach to a warm refuge as the fiery sunlight disappears into the horizon. The lighting of the photos shows how versatile this look can be. For a day on the sandy shores the Liquid Lunch brief looks good, collecting the sunlight with its bright, royal blue and contrasting red lining. Or for a late night pool party, this swim brief mystifies and dares you to be the first to jump in.

Lighting up the scene, Stephane in his Lunch swimwear give us reason enough to treat ourselves with the luxuries of sitting on the beach and enjoying the day. Have a look at the photos below and see for yourself the beauty of a sunset in Sydney with model/architect/businessman/father Stephane.

What do you think of the new model photos in this campaign from Lunch? What will you bring to the picnic? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Lunch

Photo Credit: Andrew Stubbersfield

Model Credit: Stephane Marti

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