Partner Workouts in the Perfect Pair

Partner Workouts

Sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to workout. Doing it with a partner makes exercising more fun and helps you stay on track with your fitness goals. When you find that perfect match for a pair, you’ll need a pair of performance underwear for a comfortable and productive workout. We’ve compiled a few partner workouts and the best gear to do them in. Get ready beach body, cause here we come! We’re going to look fit and fine with friends.

Partner Planks: For this exercise, partners both go into a plank position facing one another. Maintaining balance on three limbs, lift one arm and give your partner a high-five. Repeat on both sides for several reps. While your muscles remain tight, a brief will keep things below tight as well. Try the planks in the FIT Briefs by Aware Soho.

Assisted Shoulder Handstand Pushups: One person kicks up into a handstand and the other stands straight to holding the partner’s legs upright and together. The person in the handstand bends the elbows and, with the help of the partner, pushes back up to straighten the arms as you would do for a pushup. Switch after reps are completed. This exercise is done well in a performance brief. Try the MUV Sports Brief by Jack Adams.

Back Squat: The back squat involves your partner sitting on your shoulders and dipping into a squat. Have your partner sit on your shoulders and hold their feet. Slowly lower into a squat refraining from moving the hips backwards. Keep your torso upright. This exercise is great if you don’t have a barbell and your partner is an appropriate weight for you to squat with. Both members of this exercise might consider doing it in a jock which holds your goods neatly and allows for mobility. Try the Cole Jockstrap by Jack Adams.

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