News Flash: CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO Fashion Show

Something about Brazil just screams sexy. When you have swimwear designed by Brazilians, made in Brazil, you know for sure that the results will be fun and sexy. This is exactly what can be said for the latest collection by CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO. The brand debuted new items alongside several classics, which featured stylish and bold colors and prints with modern accents and unique cuts. Join The Underwear Expert in the front row at the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO Fashion Show for Los Angeles Style Fashion Week, followed by the official taping of the event to catch the latest and greatest from the Brazilian-inspired swimwear brand from multiple angles.

Hosted at the Pacific Design Center in L.A., the swimwear seen at the fashion show featured a variety of tropical colors and prints. Some items had palm trees printed along the thigh, whereas others were highlighted with bright dual-tone and tri-tone gradients. Several pieces were also paired with stylish tanks, with the prints designed by New York City based artist Scooter LaForge.

Aside from the bold looks, the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO Fashion Show exuded a laid back Brazilian style best seen through the models’ antics on the catwalk. We had a blast viewing the new looks and we’re sure you will too, while you watch the video recap below.

CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO. Style Fashion Week Summer/Verao 2016-17 | Runway Show from CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO. on Vimeo.

What do you think of the new items seen at the CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO fashion show? What was your favorite piece out of the entire collection? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively For The Underwear Expert

Feature Image: Albert Lopez

All Photos Copyright of CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO

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