Making The Squad In The Mojo Downunder Varsity Collection

Making the squad in the Mojo Downunder Varsity Collection is about focus. This new collection consists of two cuts, the Varsity Hipster Brief and the Varsity Trunk. Each style reminds us of what makes Mojo Downunder distinctive: a commitment to combining the finest fabrics with the smartest styles to keep you at the top of your game. The 97% staple cotton jersey and 3% spandex blend that defines the Varsity Collection ensures that each pair is natural and breathable, while at the same time they stay close enough to the body to help you make all the moves necessary on the court or in the field. Each cut comes in Concrete, Sea Foam, Deep Sea, and Slate available in S-XXL, ensuring that the Mojo Downunder Varsity Collection works for men of all sizes.

The Varsity Hipster Brief is a classic cut, but improved. These briefs feature the support of a double-front pouch, tagless construction, and soft bound leg openings for maximum performance and comfort. Whether you are trying to beat the next man to the finish line or stretching out after a victory, the Varsity Hipster Brief will help you outlast the competition.

In The Varsity Trunk you’ll find all of the features that make the Mojo Downunder Varsity Collection briefs a desirable addition to your wardrobe, but you’ll also gain a longer profile. Don’t worry, The Varsity Trunk features a “no ride” leg opening that won’t let you down. These trunks work under shorts, pants, or anything you decide to wear when going out for the team.

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Video Credit:  Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Style Reporter: Kevin Spencer

Model Credit:  Jared North

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