Xtreme Active Vacations In Xtremen Active Underwear

Xtremen Athletic Underwear

Designed with style and endurance in mind, Xtremen Active underwear is the perfect underwear for the ‘Xtreme’ man who likes ‘Xtreme’ adventures. Using a variety of fabrics including athletic micro-mesh, mesh/cotton blends, and a breathable microfiber, Xtremen wants to make sure your underwear remains comfortable throughout the day, no matter how rigorous of a day you have. With summer moving closer and closer, The Underwear Expert has put together a list of six ‘Xtreme’ active vacations activities to try this summer in Xtremen Active underwear.

 1. White Water Rafting In 41305 Microfiber Brief

Xtremen Active Underwear 1

With a high nylon content and blend of polyester and spandex, the 41305 Microfiber brief is the perfect underwear to take down river. Lacking a thicker cotton content, the brief will not retain as much moisture and will dry quicker, while still holding a form-fitting, and sexy look for you as you dry off on the riverside later in nothing but your skivvies.

2. Off-Road Biking In 41326 Microfiber Sport Boxer


The 41326 Microfiber sports boxer is an essential item for your off-road biking needs. With a longer cut down the leg and a super-stretchy fabric blend, this boxer brief will keep your underwear from riding, while still allowing maximum movement. Also, with a lack of cotton, sweat will dry up quicker.

3. City Hiking In 51347 Poly-Cotton Boxer

Xtremen Active Underwear 4

Back-country hiking is a fun experience no doubt, but a several mile, city-wide hike, traveling around skyscrapers, street markets, and urban parks can be just as rewarding. And the 51347 Poly-Cotton Boxer is the ideal underwear for this, with the length of the legs designed to prevent any unwanted chaffing.

4. Beach Volleyball In 51367 Microfiber Boxer


Breathable microfiber blend? Check. Enhance design for performance? Check. Simple yet stylish look? Check.

5. ATV Joy Ride In 51339 Sports Boxer With Decorative Stitching


Modeled after cycling shorts, the 51339 Sports Boxer With Decorative Stitching is meant to withstand long active bouts in a seated position. Longer than any of the other boxer briefs on this list, the 51339 sports boxer wears incredibly well underneath activewear.

6. ‘Xtreme’ Partying In 91006 Brief


If you’re parting the right way, you know it can be just as ‘Xtreme’ and hiking the Andes. And nothing fits party underwear better than the 91006 brief. With a silhouette of a classic bikini brief, Xtremen adds straps and openings to spice it up– because what’s a party without a little (or a lot) of sex appeal.

What do you think of these Xtremen Active underwear listed above? Will you be taking part in a ‘Xtreme’ activity of your own this summer? Please let us know by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Xtremen

Photo Credit: Xtremen, Jerrad Matthew (cover)

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