Environmentally Conscious Underwear & Swim Brands For Earth Day

This April 22nd marks Earth Day 2016, and we will be reminded of the importance of conservation and working towards a more green, more sustainable way of living. And while for a portion of us, the may just mean keeping a recycling bin handy and finding ways to reuse a few household items by way of a DIY Pinterest board, there are many people, as well as companies dedicated to lowering our carbon footprint as a whole. So if you’re looking to support an environmentally conscious underwear or swimwear brand this Earth Day, the twelve brands below are some of the best in that field. And to top it off, they make great underwear and swimwear too!

1. Pact Apparel

Environmentally Conscious Underwear

While every single brand on this list deserves recognition for their efforts in creating environmentally conscious underwear, Pact Apparel is the epitome of a brand whose entire essence is devoted to eco-preservation (and making kickass underwear). Pact focuses on the quality of the product, as well as caring deeply for the people who create it, from start to finish. This includes an aggressive stance against sweatshops, child labor, pesticides and GMO-riddled cotton.

2. DaDa Underwear

Environmentally Conscious Underwear 3

Frustrated with the basics, DaDa Underwear pledged a focus on convenience and comfort; but the brand also focused on another major factor– sustainable underwear.  Ethically produced in Sri Lanka, the underwear is made from bamboo fibers which mean two things: smaller carbon footprint and incredibly, ultra, super, mega soft underwear.

3. Les Lunes

Environmentally Conscious Underwear 34

Taken straight from the brand’s statement, “(the) Les Lunes creative team spent months in their Parisian Studio tackling the challenge of elevating an everyday essential into an elegant masterpiece of comfort and fit.” And this is exactly what they have done. Blending together classic silhouettes, with a inspiring, modern look is, in itself, a difficult task, but to top it off Les Lunes also strives to create ethically-made items, sourcing bamboo fibers for a luxurious look and feel.

4. Sartoria

Environmentally Conscious Underwear 99

Wool underwear is an essential, yet niche field in the underwear market. No brand weaves together wool underwear and eco-consciousness as well as Sartoria. Each pair of underwear is handmade from up-cycled wool and merino sweaters. We have a high respect for this ‘Slow Fashion.’

5. Duluth Trading Co.

Environmentally Conscious Underwear 876

When they’re not too busy creating the funniest underwear commercials in existence, Duluth Trading Company also takes the time to focus on making their underwear more eco-friendly. This includes the brand’s Free Range collection made from 94% organic cotton, with 6% spandex jersey to give you a comfortable stretch.

6. Pants To Poverty


Another brand to add to the list of fair trade and organic underwear is Pants to Poverty, although from their name alone, it’s easy to figure out these guys mean business– social justice business. Working with smallholder farmers, Pants to Poverty aims to create balance at these farms in which, as their website details, “everything they use is locally sourced, sustainable and generates social, environmental and financial profit for them and the community.”

7. Icebreaker


When a website has multiple subsections solely on sustainability, and also maps out the high integrity of production from start to finish, it should be clear why they’d be on this list. Icebreaker thrives with impeccable standard on clean manufacturing technologies, fair treatment of workers, and garment quality.

8. Ramblers Way

Environmentally Conscious Underwear

We can’t really explain Ramblers Way’s awesome take on sustainability and environmentally conscious underwear better than the brand themselves. “Our view of sustainability is an ethical principle that involves both the planet’s environment sustainability and the economic sustainability of local American communities.” Made in america– made right. We’re on board.

9. Good&Fair


With a name like Good&Fair, it’s pretty easy to see why they’d also make this list. Partnership with a fair trade certified farmer cooperative? Check. Meeting organic regulations of no pesticides or GMO seed? Check. Fair trade wages for all staffers in production, including incredible benefits? Check. Great underwear? Check.

10. Faherty


Aside from their naturally died indigo garments, and incredible plaids which come about from a precise care on the integrity of the product, Faherty makes sustainable, yet fashionable swimwear look easy. Using recycled polyester from plastic bottles, Faherty offers some of the best nautical board shorts in a sea of many.

11. Riz


London based swimwear brand Riz may have the best take on sustainability and customer partnership we’ve ever seen. In a four part system, Riz offers 25% off a new swimwear, for sending back a old pair, which is then sent to the warehouse, where they are re-used to create new swimwear. Oh, and did we mention they also have some of the coolest prints in the swimwear market?

What did you think of these environmentally conscious underwear and swimwear brands? Please let us know by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Pact, DaDa, Les Lunes, Sartoria, Icebreaker, Duluth Trading Co, Pants To Poverty, Ramblers Way, Good&Fair, Riz, Faherty



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