Earth Tones From The Underwear Ecosystem

Whether you realize it or not, colors can have quite the effect on your mood. Most performance underwear is made with bright colors because they’re energizing. Basic pairs of underwear are usually neutral colors because they’re versatile. Casual underwear on the other hand, can be just about any color. Ground yourself this Earth Day with some earth tone colors.

Earth tones are soft colors you’d find in nature – stone, grass, clay. Think rustic shades of red, woodsy green, slate grey, etc. The colors are also warm and muted which gives them a kind of soothing aesthetic. Maybe it’s because earth tones are noticeably quiet. Or maybe it has something to do with reconnecting with nature. Either way, these earth tone pairs of underwear will calm your mood and elevate your style.

We understand that lots of men out there like their underwear to be classic, simple, and straightforward. Their drawers are probably filled with black and grey pairs, maybe some navy for good measure. The earth tone version of this man’s style would be heather grey. Heather materials are used frequently in loungewear designs. They’re made by interweaving two different colors, giving them a masculine and mellow finish. Heather grey is warm, and looks more like storm clouds rolling in or a subtly marbled stone.

Then you have your more adventurous men – you know who you are. Open your underwear drawer and almost every color is represented. If this sounds like you, then there is no earth tone pair of underwear you wouldn’t love. But having said that, we think fashion-forward men would fall hardest for an earthy shade of red. Earth tone reds like russet or sienna are as bold as natural-found colors can go. They’re taken straight from clay pigments and transformed into underwear that’s stylishly subdued. The confidence of red is there, but in a relaxed alternative.

Army green is another common earth tone color, borrowed from military camouflage. Its very purpose is to blend into natural surroundings, making it one of the most authentic and recognizable earth tones around. It’s also a color every man looks good wearing. The military influence gives it some masculinity. The unconventional green points to a sense of style.

Earth Day is meant for getting back to the essential, for appreciating nature. And when you think about it, that’s kind of what earth tone underwear does. It doesn’t matter if you feel connected to the trees, the mountains or the sky. Mother Nature can be the ultimate style guide.








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