Bodyaware #DaysoftheWeek Briefs

Bodyaware #DaysoftheWeek

We’ve always been a fan of brief organization and #briefplanning to map out how we can look and feel great every day of the week. But what we love about the Bodyaware #DaysoftheWeek Briefs is that they also remind us what kind of drinking day it is.

Here’s the daily lineup.

Margarita Monday: Start the week right in the #MargartitaMonday Brief and with a Margarita in hand. We’ve got a full week of work ahead and this gives us a reason to look forward to Mondays.

Tequila Tuesday: We kept it tame on Monday, so we earned a #TequilaTuesday Brief day. Mix it up with a little Mezcal and throw it back with some salt and lime. Perfect combination with Taco Tuesday.

Whiskey Wednesday: It’s hump day and that means it’s time to go out for afterwork happy hour with the team. Order a whiskey to show them you know your stuff and feel good about it in the #WhiskeyWednesday Brief.

Thirsty Thursday: A classic #ThirstyThursday Brief. We’ve only got one day left of the Monday through Friday grind, so why not kick back and relax in comfort with friends. Usually makes for an unexpected good story to bring the coworkers tomorrow.

Fireball Friday: Careful, this one never fails to sneak up on you. That sweet cinnamon taste is a not-so-sweet 66 proof.  In the best and worst of cases, you’ll have the #FireballFriday Brief supporting you through laughs and tears.

Solocup Saturday: Back to those college days we used to know, sipping fron red solo cups and working the #SolocupSaturday Brief.

Sangria Sunday: On Sunday we keep it classy, sticking to a morning glass of Sangria. And an afternoon glass of Sangria. Heck, we’re drinking Sangria all day long in the #SangriaBrief. Monday isn’t til tomorrow!

You know what we say, party every day! Available now in sizes S-2XL at $16.59.

Which day of the week is your favorite? What’s your libation of choice? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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