Walk On The Wild Side in XDress Daisy Mesh

XDress Daisy Mesh

XDress has been setting a new standard for sexy men’s underwear since 1988. Standing at the forefront of gender fluid design and underwear ingenuity, the brand never fails to disappoint. Now, the brand delivers yet again in the new XDress Daisy Mesh Collection for a super sexy look. Take a walk on the wild side with these items from XDress and dress up the night entirely in mesh, lace, and daisies.

Drive Miss Daisy Crazy in the new XDress Daisy Mesh collection. The new line comprises of a men’s bra, panty, thong, and garter belt for a range of sexy outfits to choose from. The collection is made from 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex and each of the pieces comes with the unique Daisy print on mesh.

Daisy Mesh Thong: The Daisy Mesh Thong has a cute lace waistband, complimenting its daisy print. The thong cut shows off your assets in a sexy line of flowers. Available in sizes S-XXL for $18.50.

Daisy Mesh Panty: The Daisy Mesh Panty also offers the daisy mesh print in a panty style for full butt coverage. Available in sizes S-XXL for $18.95.

Daisy Mesh Garter: This item is super sexy and it’s selling fast! The garter belt is trimmed with lay-flat scalloped lace at the waist for a delicate and cute look. Available in sizes S-XXL for $24.95

Daisy Mesh Bra: The Daisy Mesh Bra’s transparent material make it really seductive, showing just a taste of your chest. This pull over the head bra allows for easy styling so you can easily feel your sexiest. Available in sizes S-XXL for $17.95.

What items from the Daisy Mesh collection do you like best? How do you Drive Miss Daisy Crazy? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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