CoSchedule Helps Us Bring Better Content

CoSchedule Helps

We here at The Underwear Expert are busy creating great content for you to enjoy every day of the year. We’ve got a team of devoted writers, photographers, and models who do their best to bring you the latest in underwear news and style. But it all means nothing if we don’t have a great way to share it with you, our loyal followers. CoSchedule helps us bring you better content by making the marketing aspect of blogging easier and the program has proved to be an invaluable tool for The Underwear Expert.

With CoSchedule, The Underwear Expert team can reach you through a number of social media platforms and let you know about all of our latest content. The more content we get out to you, the more we can better tailor the site to your needs as an underwear aficionado. Through CoSchedule, we are able to easily send all of our blog posts to each of our social media platforms in one simple process. It takes only seconds, so we can spend more time giving our readers what they want. CoSchedule’s recently launched templates make it easy to plan out all of our social media posts, making sure you never miss anything you don’t want to. The easy-to-work-with templates also enable us to highlight our individual underwear brand posts and bring a wide variety of content to our readers for a great user experience.

CoSchedule Helps

The drag-and-drop interface of CoSchedule makes scheduling website posts easy, so we have more time to create awesome content, which is really the central reason we like using the tool. When we create a post, we can simply move the content around with CoSchedule’s calendar interface to place it in the optimal release time for reader viewing. This saves us valuable time and helps us see how and when we are going to post new releases as they correspond to various underwear releases and arrivals. The timed posts to social media help our readers to never miss a new arrival and to stay on top of their underwear game.

CoSchedule Helps

CoSchedule is really easy to run through WordPress, where we run our site, so we can do all of our scheduling on the backend of our site while we blog.

“It’s great to be able to have everything we need in one spot. You can actually see your CoSchedule calendar on WordPress. Through CoSchedule, we are able to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and even Pinterest” – Michael Kleinmann, Founder of The Underwear Expert.

We’re able to easily blast to social media while we blog, getting you new content quicker, and avoiding overload of blasts. If you run a blog and are considering trying out a new scheduling service, then CoSchedule is the way to go. They make scheduling posts easy, so bloggers have more time to do what we love best, blogging and generating exciting new content.

CoSchedule Helps

You can see how CoSchedule works for us by following The Underwear Expert on our Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest pages amongst other social media outlets. Also, be sure to follow CoSchedule on Facebook and Twitter for the latest from their team.

Do you have a blog you need helps scheduling social posts for? Have you tried CoSchedule? Let us know what you think in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information about CoSchedule, Visit Their Site and watch the video below to learn more about how CoSchedule helps bloggers!

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