Complete The Look: skull & bones

Complete The Look: Skull & Bones 2

It only take seconds browsing through the brand’s website to realize one thing: skull & bones exudes cool. From the carefree, tatted-up model flippin’ the bird on the homepage, to the detailed prints and graphics, to the simple black and white aesthetic of the website, skull & bones is far from boring. A quick glance at the brand’s well-manicured Instagram shows you the type of guy who can rock skull & bones and, *spoiler alert* that guy is cool. Knowing this, and the fact that the brand thrives on merging activewear, premium fabrics and minimalist design to create a luxurious product that puts both comfort and style first, skull & bones seems like an obvious choice for every mans’ underwear drawer. But what happens when we take this cool underwear, and match it with some equally cool outerwear? Check out our Complete The Look: skull & bones edition below and find out!

Complete The Look: skull & bones 1

The Tossed skull & bones trunk (3) is the perfect base for a sleek, stylish outfit. The trunk, which was inspired by the fashionable essence of NYC, is as fun as it is functional; it features a skull and bone print on a distressed-looking black fabric, with white contrast piping along the pouch. The low-rise fit also adds an extra dash of sexy.

For a base layer top, skull & bones also offers up the perfecting pairings with a vast array of graphic tees. The Bearded Skull tee (6) proves that beards have been, and will always be cool, especially attached to a skull and crossbones. Throw this bad boy on and you’ll be sure to make a statement.

To go along with this devil-may-care look, the rugged Schott NYC Washed Leather Moto Jacket (1) and PRPS ‘Demon’ Slim Straight Leg Jeans (4) are great accompaniments. Nothing says cool like a leather jacket, and one with ‘NYC’ in the title fits the bill even better. The same can be said for having ‘Demon’ in the title, and for the bold white jeans, with a splattering of black color.

In addition, where there are leather jackets, there are always a pair of kickass boots to follow. And no boot is the epitome of kickass than Doc Martins. The Dr. Martins 1460 For Life (2) boot offers up the splash of color this outfit is in need of. Finally, tack on some accessories including a Converse Slouchy Rib Knit Beanie (5) and Givenchy ‘7012/S’ 56mm Sunglasses (7) mashing up old school style, and a modern designer appeal for a finished look.

Would you rock this bold outfit created for this ‘Complete The Look: skull & bones’ edition? What’s your favorite pair of skull & bones underwear? Have you seen all of the skull & bones graphic tees? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the section below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: skull & bones, Nordstroms, Doc Martins

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