Down Under with Colby Melvin in Australia

Colby Melvin in Australia

Take a trip with us to visit model and activist Colby Melvin in Australia on the set of his latest photoshoot! Colby skyrocketed to stardom after starring in Full Frontal Freedom’s “Disclosure” video, which won him the Human Rights Award for Political Performing Arts from the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club in New York. We had a few of our own questions for the model about his journey into the spotlight. Read up!

How does Australia compare to your deep south roots?
If you’ve never been to Sydney, imagine Chicago with L.A. weather. If you haven’t been to Chicago or L.A., then imagine a place that’s really freakin’ awesome. Not only is the food super fresh tasting, but the air is so clear! (Maybe that’s just my excitement coming from L.A.’s polluted air). What made the experience exponentially much better were the people. Everyone was super friendly and outgoing. It’s hard not to be in a beautiful place like Australia.

Which beaches will you be sure to visit?
Bondi beach is of course the most famous, and it definitely lives up to its name. Soft white sand, crystal clear water, perfect temperature weather, and the views all around are beautiful.

Favorite new foods/fruits you’ve tried?
Well the food is pretty much the same as here in the States, even the same brands. However, they have a cookie called a TimTam that’s pretty delicious.

Which kind of swimwear do you wear off the camera?
Pretty much ALWAYS a brief or bikini cut.

If you were sent to the first Mars civilization, what job would you take on?
So I’m a very social person. Being sent to Mars to live out the rest of my life sounds like some sort of new form of torture Donald Drumpf would come up with. I’d go insane without more than just a handful of people to interact with. I’m not very well versed in space jobs, but I’m fairly certain my resume wouldn’t be a match.

Best fitness tip?
Everyone’s body is different, so there is no one form of universal advice to transform your body. However, a GREAT first step is with your diet. Pay more attention to what you’re putting into your body. Get rid of the soda and processed foods to start. You don’t have to eat bland for the rest of your life, but eating healthier foods will improve your mood, skin, digestion, energy level, and more.

How did you transition from working in the oil and gas industry to modeling and activism?
I trained my whole life for it. Kidding. I never planned on getting into either industry. However, I like to take opportunities when life throws them at me. It’s how we grow as people, taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zone. So when I saw the chance I took it, and I hustled until I made it. People’s biggest mistake is thinking that life will just happen to them. NO. You’ve got to go out and take what you want. Now I’m very blessed to say, I get to wake up everyday doing work that I love. I wouldn’t have that if I didn’t take risks to pursue happiness.

How did you get involved as an activist? Can you describe some of the work you’ve done with Full Frontal Freedom?
Social awareness and philanthropy work is something that I grew up with. In High School and College, I worked with fellow students to raise funds for disaster relief and instituted new programs to reduce our community carbon footprint. This wasn’t part of some school assignment, we just genuinely wanted to help. The South isn’t all rednecks and racists, there is still a very strong community effort to making positive social change. We grew being told we could change the world, so we never thought otherwise. When I first moved out to California I started working with Full Frontal Freedom to increase LGBT engagement in social issues and politics. I was recently out, and still dealing with losing my job, so I was dealing with a lot of feelings as a recently self-discovered homo. I didn’t want other people coming out to have to go through what I went through, so it was a no brainer to start working on projects to help institute positive change. The most successful project (as far as results) we worked on was for LGBT healthcare enrollment, but the most recognizable was the Mitt Romney parody video from the last election.

What advice would you give to the upcoming generation of activists?
Understand that you don’t need an organization or someone to tell you what to do. Just get out there and do it. Start your own campaign! Even if you help 1 person, you’ve made a difference and that’s a start!

How do you find balance or what crossover do you see between the modeling/underwear industry and progressive political change?
I don’t think politics always have to be covered so seriously. Not everyone has a fetish for bickering old white men in suits. Some people like my approach of mixing in social and political issues with my underwear modeling work. In my eyes, as long as it’s getting people engaged (and doesn’t hurt anyone else), we should use every tool we have. I love the idea of engaging people with our community issues, but I also enjoy hanging out in my underwear. No biggie. Don’t overthink it.

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For more information on the brands: Radical Energy, Garçon Model, Cellblock13, Marco Marco

Photo Credit: Sean Higgins

Model Credit: Colby Melvin, Dylan Hart


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