BTS Petit Q Ghost Town

Petit Q designers and models Arthus and Nico are on their way to the Nelson Ghost Town in Nevada in this behind the scenes video footage. This shoot is set in this Wild, Wild West town, which was originally a gold mining town discovered by the Spaniards. Abandoned in the mid-1900’s after a flash flood destroyed much of the village, the site now provides a snapshot at the old Western life. For BTS Petit Q Ghost Town footage, take an inside look at the trip to Nelson with photographer Garrett Bridwell as they shoot the latest bikinis and thongs from Petit Q.

The video gives you a sense of how remote this old town is as the models drive through the desert hills to get there. When the pair arrives, showing us the scenery, it is easy to notice the dilapidated beauty of the location and get excited to explore.

Soon enough the guys are in their Petit Q wear, posing for Garrett and giving us content for their next spread. Follow through the video and we see the backdrop of each of this photoshoot’s shots including abandoned buses, cars, and a ghost town classic: the loft of a barn.

After only an hour of shooting the team wraps up, excited to share the latest with the world. Arthus and Nico say that this is different from other types of photoshoots they’ve done in the past, making for an exciting project.

Watch the video here and see for yourself how this dynamic duo brings the heat to the Nelson Ghost Town! And as our French friends say, “Bisous, Bisous!”

Will your next road trip take you to any ghost towns? Where is the most remote place you’ve ever been? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Petit Q

Video Credit: Garrett Bridwell

Model Credit: Arthus and Nico

History Credit: Nelson

Sponsored by Petit Q


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