Men Who Lunch: BTS Jeffery Beasley Video

BTS Jeffery Beasley Video

Is it lunchtime yet? Well, at the very least you deserve a snack. Take a look at this newly released BTS Jeffery Beasley Video for Lunch Underwear. We’re going behind the scenes with Lunch to look at their hot models in action wearing the finest from Lunch.

The behind the scenes video footage showcases several of Lunch’s underwear looks both on and off the models as they pose, carefully covering their most coveted possessions. The artfully cut film shows the models putting on various pairs of the Lunch underwear collection, barely shielding themselves from the camera’s gaze in a bunch of Lunch. The film moves between black and white shots and color, often showcasing Lunch’s bright, colorful briefs in between closeups of the models.

Parts of the film take place outside and other parts feature the models working in a studio with Lunch’s cute lunch box. Both scenes give us a hot take of the bold underwear in action. We were particularly intrigued by the dramatic shots of models and their unique individuality. Eric, Laurent, and Vince each have a distinct personality that plays with the camera in serious and light tones. The visuals of the models’ tattoos are a particularly impressive contrast to the films overall aesthetic, drawing attention to the singularity of each model and what he brings to the brand.

Watch the video below and have a bite of Lunch for yourself! The models might leave you drooling just as much as the idea of lunch did.

Where are you going for lunch? Who are the men you lunch with the most? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Lunch

Photo Credit: Jeffery Beasley

Video Credit: Jeffery Beasley

Model Credit: Eric, Laurent, and Vince

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