BTS: Force of Nature

You’ve seen the Style Guide: Force of Nature feature for Earth Day, but you have yet to see the BTS Force of Nature video! Join model Sergey Shitikov, photographer Jerrad Matthew, and assistant Kevin Spencer for a hike in the Malibu Mountains where they find a real connection with the beauty of Mother Nature.

The video shows the team traveling to the site of the shoot, prepping themselves in the car mirrors, and then hiking up into the mountains of Malibu to begin the photoshoot. Sergey, shirtless most of the video, lathers on some sunscreen while our photography team sets up the equipment and prepares for action.

If you were wondering what the feature image of “Force of Nature” looked like behind the scenes, then you’ll love this video, which catches the entire team in the moment of that photo. The beauty of the surrounding landscape gives us an idea of the immense force of Mother Nature. Boulders, bushes, and endless blue sky combine to create a remarkable presence. Pair that with the sexy photoshoot for The Underwear Expert, and you’ve got an incredible look at man and nature, the ultimate dynamic duo.

As Jerrad shoots, Sergey plays around on the boulders, the video even showing us a dramatic slow-motion view of the model jumping the gap between two large rocks. Sergey then begins to boulder himself, climbing up the face of one of the large structures.

The video finally pans into the views from the location, spanning across the Pacific Ocean before closing out with the team packing up after the successful day. Watch the BTS video to see this dream team summit this beautiful landscape and play around in Mother Nature’s backyard.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Going on any hikes? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew


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