Hot Lines Bling: BTS Cody Callahan Video

BTS Cody Callahan Video

You’ve seen our Hot Lines Bling feature with model Cody Callahan, and there’s plenty more where that came from. We’ve got a BTS video with Cody Callahan to bring back all the fun from the photoshoot. In this Underwear Expert exclusive behind the scenes video, watch our team in action as they create one of our most memorable shoots to date!

The behind the scenes video provides an in-depth look at the house where the photos were shot in the lovely Los Felix hills of Los Angeles. With a picturesque swimming pool and lush plants in every direction, we begin to wonder if the shoot is actually taking place in the tropics and not tucked away from the urban jungle that is Los Angeles. The crystal clear blue water looks irresistible on this hot, sunny day.

In the video, photographer Jerrad Matthew sets up the scene with assistant Kevin while model Cody Callahan layers on the SPF to protect himself from those California rays! Remember to always use protection! And it looks like everything is ready to go!

Finally, our model walks out from the changing room in the first look from this photoshoot and the video continues as Cody changes from look to look through each of Jerrad’s picks. See each of Cody’s looks as he moves from the lounge chair in one brief to the jacuzzi area in a swim brief.

You can check out the video below to see how this photoshoot came to be!

What was your favorite moment from this behind the scenes video with Cody Callahan? What was your favorite look from the photoshoot? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brands: Bluebuck, C-IN2, Jack Adams, Mack Weldon, papi, teamm8, Wood

Video Credit: Jerrad Matthew and Kevin Spencer exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model Credit: Cody Callahan


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  1. JZ says:

    You sure make it hard to find out what model Callahan wears in the shoot. I’d like more info on the red-and-white striped swim suit, but damned if I can find out what it is. Why can’t you list the gear at the end of the video? I’ve tried finding the suit by clicking on the links listed, but they just bring up more links, more models, more gear. So this serious shopper is out of luck.

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