Beach Activities for Beach Babes

Beach Activities

Working out doesn’t have to involve going to the gym. With the summer sun on its way, we can get out and stay active more and more. Here are a few ideas for beach activities to stay fit and have fun in your best swimwear.

Surfing: Catching waves on one of SoCal’s beautiful beaches is a great workout. If you’ve never surfed before, take a lesson from one of the many surf schools at Mission Beach or Pacific Beach. Rent a foam board and you’re all set. We’re not judging if you just go for the white wash. This exercise works your arms as you paddle past waves and your abs when you pop up to stand and drop into that wave. Keep your legs protected and look fresh in the Parke & Ronen Colorblock Retro Volley Boardshort in red and olive green.

Wakeboarding: Take a spin around Mission Bay. Go wakeboarding and waterskiing behind a beautiful boat. Your feet will be bare and strapped in, but you get to choose your swimwear look. This exercise works your arms really well when you’re being pulled behind a boat going 20 knots. Also keeping your legs slightly bent will test your hamstring strength and work those muscles. A board short can be sexy for your ride, but a brief won’t slide up when the water splashes you. Try the Radical Energy Luke Swim Brief in the broken fence print.

Beach Volleyball: Requiring little equipment, this is one of our favorite beach activities. Often the local beach supplies the net, so all you have to bring is a ball, some friends, and a competitive drive. For this, you might try improving your game by wearing something that distracts the other team. Go for a speedo and show them what you’ve got. The teamm8 Dash Swim Brief in red will likely score you some points.

Which of these watersports will you have a go at? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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