Add Sunshine To Your Life With Yellow Underwear

The spring season is an optimistic time of year. The sun is starting to shine, the weather’s warming up, and those hot summer days are just around the corner. If you’re lucky, tax day will even put a little change in your pocket to help with that summer escape you’ve been plotting in your cubicle all winter long. It makes perfect sense, then, that you should reach for yellow – the symbol of hope and optimism – when searching for a pair of underwear to accentuate your positive outlook. Dancer and model Davis Taylor Rahal is here to show off his sunny side in some of the Underwear Expert’s favorite yellow looks of this spring season.

If the thought of yellow underwear causes you caution, you might find a good beginning with Mack Weldon. Their 18 Hour Jersey Trunk, in a luminous endive hue is the perfect way to start off down your yellow-brick road of style. This longer than usual cut and soft modal cotton/lycra blend provide the comfort and support you’ll need to stay bright and cheery through spring cleaning and beyond.

Once you’ve found your comfort zone with the color of the gods, you might try feeling like one by stepping into 2(X)ist’s Speed 2.0 trunk in spectra yellow. You’ll look radiant in this golden pair accented by royal blue lettering on the waistband and handsome piping to match.

When the sun comes out and you’ve fully warmed to the idea of yellow undies, it’s time to really show off your spring confidence. Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum, and you certainly won’t be missed in Pump!’s Neon Fuel yellow trunk. It’s zesty in bright lemon with eye-catching, raised lettering on the waistband. If you like the brilliance of color, but are feeling a little more modest, you can choose Wood’s yellow boxer brief. It’s got a longer cut and a more relaxed fit but can still turn heads toward your sunny disposition.

The spring and summer months ahead will hopefully provide you with a flurry of fun and travel. Sadly, the weather where you are may not be a sure thing. But as long as you pack your yellow underwear, the sun is sure to follow. Pick up a pair by shopping the story below. And let us know your thoughts on this particular color. Do you feel cheery and uplifted when you put it on? Comment down below.

[post_product product_id=”172461″ color=”endive” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”209537″ ] [post_product product_id=”172455″ color=”spectra-yellow” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”209535″ ]



[post_product product_id=”193428″ color=”yellow” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”209534″ ]




[post_product product_id=”165006″ color=”yellow” hide_color_swatches=1 featured_image=”209536″ ]

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Davis Taylor Rahal

Feature Image: Wood Boxer Brief in Yellow


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