2(X)IST Electric, Now In The Underwear Club

We struggle to think of a man who wouldn’t like 2(X)IST underwear. The underwear embodies the three things we find important: quality, style, and comfort. The brand is an Underwear Expert fan favorite for tons reasons, but the 2(X)IST Electric Collection in particular keeps men coming back. It looks chic with a nylon-based material and presents your package in a flattering contoured pouch. The best part is, it’s available in our Underwear of the Month Club and to purchase in our store!

The 2(X)IST Electric Collection comes in Fashion Brief, Core Brief, Core Trunk, and Core Boxer Brief styles. No matter which style you go for though, you’re going to be wearing something appealing and fashionable. Not only is the Electric Collection designed with a pouch that supports and enhances, but it’s also designed with the brand’s No-Show Rise. This means the underwear sits two inches below the hips, so only those you really want to get to see these sexy skivvies.

Something else that makes 2(X)IST Electric a standout collection: the moisture wicking material. It used to be that moisture wicking materials were only seen on performance underwear, but this is no longer the case. Moisture wicking fabrics make casual pairs of underwear that much more comfortable and much more versatile. Wear 2(X)IST Electric underwear to impress a date or wear it to the gym and get fit in style.

Black and white aside, the collection is all about bold colors. A lot of the pairs are made with contrasting waistbands to give them 2(X)IST’s fashionable flair. Waistbands in the collection are also made with silicone embossed branding on the left hip. It’s something you don’t see every day and brings something unique to your top drawer.

Check out our photoshoot with Matinee model Edgar Estrada rocking four different colorful pairs from the 2(X)IST Electric Collection. Then let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Color Options: Black, White, Estate Blue, Flame Scarlet, Rose Violet, Directorie
Material: 89% Nylon, 11% Spandex
Sizes: S-XL





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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Edgar Estrada

Feature Image: 2(X)IST Electric Core Boxer Brief – Directorie


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