24 Hours in Tani

24 Hours in Tani

Your life of luxury always has you moving. You’re on the go and you need an underwear that can match your lifestyle. Spend a day with us and take an inside look at the fast life via 24 hours in Tani underwear.

You’ve just stepped off the plane, first class of course, in a fresh pair of the Tani SilkCut Classic Boxer Brief–riding high and in complete comfort. Today you’ve got a meeting in Southern California and it’s time to seal the deal. A driver is waiting out in front holding up your name on a sign, there to take you downtown in a sleek black car.

The hotel staff greets you, seeing your style and knowing you’re a bona fide baller. You’ve got the swag of luxe and the collected cool of humility. After checking in and changing into a pair of the Pursuit Hip Brief under your designer suit you’re ready to head to the meeting. It’s all you today. Everyone is supporting you, including your underwear. There’s no doubt that you’ll rise to the top.

Moments later, hands shake, and celebratory drinks are poured. You realize they are celebrating you and your achievements and you head back to your hotel, knowing that you’ll sleep soundly in that Hip Brief. By tomorrow morning, you’ll be home and ready for a true celebration in your new apartment overlooking the downtown skyline.

Asleep and dreaming of the successful future that lies ahead, aware of the intense softness of your brief, your mind briefly passes to all the things that brought you here. Your family, your friends and your drive. This is the life you deserve. This is the life in Tani.

How do you manage the life of luxury? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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