24 Hours in Candyman

24 Hours in Candyman

Everyone knows that the CandyMan can. He can sprinkle a sunrise with dew or wrap a rainbow in a sigh. We take this information for granted, always asking the CandyMan for treats, but never stopping to ask about his personal life. Few know the story of the secret life of the CandyMan. Follow 24 Hours in Candyman underwear to see how the CandyMan does. Do you really know the CandyMan? Want a taste of his sweet life?

By the time the curtain hits the stage floor, CandyMan has already exited the premises and stepped out of his Candyman Zebra Outfit and into his car. Normally he’d greet the fans, normally he’d stay for hours after the final bow to meet his loyal supporters and hear their stories, but tonight is different. Tonight CandyMan has a mission. Most people don’t know this, but CandyMan isn’t just a performer; he’s also an elite chocolate connoisseur going to an exclusive tasting for next season’s sweetest sweets.

The scientists at his chocolate lab in Geneva have invented the world’s most unique chocolate. They claim to have found the perfect balance between melt-in-your-mouth milky and oh-so-heavenly dark. Tonight CandyMan will be the judge and tonight the CandyMan will start a chocolate revolution.

He greets his team at [location removed for security purposes] and anticipation hangs in the air. The lead scientist brings CandyMan the sample. CandyMan inspects the bar under a light, shrugs, then takes a bite. A gasp is heard. Suddenly, his head is spinning in a sensory overload and he feels himself falling toward the floor.

Hours later, CandyMan wakes up in his home in the Candyman Black Thong. The sun has risen. All seems normal. He can’t be certain about what transpired the previous night, but a lingering smell of 80% cacao surrounds him. CandyMan doesn’t have time to stop and think. He must begin preparation for the fans. They’ll be at the club in a meager 6 hours, waiting outside holding tickets and pushing to get a spot close to the stage. 6 more hours. He heads down to the club where he’ll begin getting into hair and makeup and change into tonights Candyman Spider Costume.

And the moment comes yet again. It’s time for CandyMan to walk out on that stage into the bright lights and experience the glory of being someone else. No one knows that CandyMan leads the underground chocolate scene, ruling the science of sweet. But it’s not someone else, really. This is who he is. He is the CandyMan.

Are you ready for the chocolate revolution? Dark and bitter? Sweet and milky? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Do you have a secret life? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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