teamm8’s M8 March Pick: Marc-Antoine

teamm8's m8 March

This year, teamm8 has interviewed two top-notch M8 of the Month individuals like Nicholas Galatoulas and Charlie Parker. These men all possessed that unique blend of intelligence, athleticism and an unwavering persistence to achieve their goals. With such a fantastic start, we were looking forward to another reason to get excited about March, and teamm8 did not let us down. teamm8’s M8 March pick, the handsome and modest Marc-Antoine, says he’s just an everyday guy. But his accomplishments, goals and unique vision for his future suggest otherwise.

The 27-year old Marc has a surprisingly realistic way of looking at the world. He innately understands that the only difference between an average dream and an extraordinary dream is how far you will go to get it. And he went far. Thousands of miles, to be exact. Even though he had a great life at home, he decided to leave Canada to move to Sydney to pursue his dreams of creative design. After he landed here, he grabbed a dream job as a digital designer with an awesome firm.

Even though his short-term goals have been realized, he’s still looking ahead and making sure that his days are lined with productive activities to stay busy. He is big on time management and staying focused. But he still knows how to have fun! He loves staying fit, exercising and going to the beach to relax. He likes to seize the day in teamm8 swimwear trunks, like the Grid Swim Short, Pier Board Short and the Marine Swim Brief. These briefs offer style and comfort so he doesn’t have to worry about the small details and he can focus on the bigger picture and make the best of all of his experiences.

We’re in love with this month’s teamm8’s M8 March pick, Marc– are you? What was your favorite swimwear that he wore? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jason Jowett  / teamm8

Style Credit: Casey Nissen

Model Credit: Marc-Antoine

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