Take a Peak at PPÜ Underwear with Armando Adajar

PPÜ Underwear

The PPÜ Underwear Collection is as eclectic as they come, featuring several different colors, cuts and styles. Whether you’re on the more conservative side, the kinkier side or fall somewhere in between, there is definitely a pair that’s perfect for you. With so many options to consider, the best way to view PPÜ Underwear Collection as whole is through the eyes of photographer Armando Adajar. The latest PPÜ photo shoot stars underwear model Tomas Evans and his extremely athletic physique. You haven’t truly appreciated everything that this brand has to offer until you’ve seen each of your favorite pairs modeled by Tomas, and through the lens of Armando.

The Armando Adajar PPÜ Underwear photo shoot features some of our favorite PPÜ styles, such as: the Tuxedo Thong, the Salmon Bali Bikini, the Black Tropos Bikni, the Wile Jockstrap, the Billano Bikini, the Crave Bikini, the Tuxedo Jockstrap, the Champs Jockstrap, the Carson Brief and the Vale Thong. Armando photographs his muse in front of a cranberry colored backdrop, with flash photography. The unembellished background allows each pair of PPÜ Underwear to truly shine on its own. The seemingly simple photo shoot succeeds at keeping the attention on the underwear, since each pair is so intricate and innovative in its style and design. Our favorite pair would have to be the Salmon Bali Bikini. We’re not sure if it’s because the salmon color complements the cranberry backdrop so well, or if it’s his coquettish glare off to the side, but the image most certainly captivates us.

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Which image is your favorite? If you could only buy one pair in the PPÜ Underwear, which pair would it be? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

Model Credit: Tomas Evans

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0 thoughts on “Take a Peak at PPÜ Underwear with Armando Adajar

    • Carlos Mejias says:

      It’s not about what shop has a better product. I am very much into underwear, and have tried MANY brands and styles. I’m a size 28, and not all styles look great on me. It’s about what I feel comfortable in, and what complements MY body type.

  1. Carlos Mejias says:

    It’s not about the best online shops; it’s more on what makes you feel good… What style best complements YOUR body type.

  2. Øyvind says:

    I find it strange that you would measure your WAIST when finding your size in a piece of clothing which will sit on your HIPS. There is not an absolute relationship between your waist circumference and hip circumference? This way of measuring seems like an heirloom of a time when underwear actually sat around the waist (if any).

    Personally, I have pretty wide hips, but a fairly trim waist. I suppose for others it might be opposite. You could be fat, but your hips narrow?

  3. Kelvin says:

    I had a difficult problem… for choosing the right size for me.
    I wear size S for Aussiebum, size M for PUMP, size M for addicted.
    I don’t know what size should I choose for C-in2.
    Please help. Thank you so much.

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