Rule The World In Andrew Christian Executive Brief Underwear

Classics are great, familiar, and always in style. We know why we love them and why they’ve stood the test of time, but it’s even better when they are revisited with a contemporary update. The innovative underwear company, Andrew Christian, knows this and they have delivered brand-new collections that feature traditionally cut underwear with a modern twist like the Andrew Christian Executive Brief. The underwear features a sporty look with athletic detailing, a colored strobe pattern design, and a bright-colored contrast trim around pouch. You’ll know and feel the difference! When you slip them on, your package will naturally go right inside of the unique snuggle pocket, which will help you against squashing, readjustment, sweating, chafing and any sticking. Most importantly, it’ll feel like you are not wearing any underwear at all. This super soft underwear is only available for a limited amount of time!

If that doesn’t appeal to you, maybe the newly released Andrew Christian Almost Naked Styles will! The collection comes in zebra print, pink, black, red and white colors with a bright pop of contrast trimming. The underwear cuts include a huge variety to provide you with many choices of soft and lightweight premium underwear in the form of briefs, boxers, and jocks. Some of the pairs feature the special Andrew Christian Show-It Technology, the a horseshoe shaped inner cup that is lined with soft elastic for your comfort. It helps add up to 1.5 inches to your package, which is one of the best natural enhancements on the market today.

Do you like the new Andrew Christian Executive Brief? Are you going to check out the Almost Naked styles? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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