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PUMP! is an underwear brand for men who keep their bodies and their style in peak condition. Guys who wear PUMP! know fitness isn’t just a part of your day, it’s a way of life – and that same mentality carries over into their underwear. PUMP! is all about blending stylish color blocking with sporty contrasts. The combination is confident and proud, and a major player in our Underwear of the Month Club. Its fashion-forward athleticism that leaves a lasting impression.

Most of PUMP!’s underwear designs are made with panels of micro-mesh that truly bring their sporty aesthetic home. It makes their underwear more breathable and more comfortable, all the while adding an athletic kind of sex appeal more common in locker rooms. The materials’s perforations aren’t wide enough to reveal anything explicit, but they still get the idea across. PUMP! boxer briefs, briefs, and jockstraps all come in micro-mesh looks. The brand also designs their unique Jogger style – like a square-cut trunk with pockets – exclusively in micro-mesh looks.

PUMP! has so many athletic influences, you can vividly picture their underwear on two types of men: the cut, and the confident. Sporty pairs of underwear aren’t just about performance. They’re also about that determined, go-getter attitude. You don’t need six-pack abs like model David Rest in today’s shoot or his fellow Men Of Matinee to pull off PUMP! underwear (although it certainly helps). You just need an unstoppable attitude. After all, there’s an exclamation point in the brand’s name for a reason.






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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Mode: David Rest

Feature Image: PUMP! Cruise Brief

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