Pikante’s Heated History

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These are the classics like you’ve never seen them before! In Pikante’s heated history, Greek gods and seduction align to bring us this myth inspired series. Always adding a bit of their own spice, Pikante shows us what it feels like to become myth. Take a look at these revamped (greek) classics, made for a modern day hero like you.


Pegasus Fantasy Brief

Hop on! The famous winged stallion is here and ready to take you places in the form of this lean cut brief. The cut gives an alluring style and the contoured pouch provides additional support. This fantastical brief is available in white, blue or black for $15.36. Be sure to take Pegasus with you on your journey to fight monsters.

Pikante's Heated History


Eagle of Zeus Brief

Companion and messenger to Zeus, the Eagle of Zeus is the symbol of all things regal and royal.The eagle is an omen of victory so you know that you will come out victorious in these briefs. Zeus, the king of Mount Olympus is the strongest figure in Greek Mythology. No wonder these sexy briefs make such a bold statement with their mesh fabric. The Eagle of Zeus Brief is available in white or black for $18.36.

Pikante's Heated History


Helios Brief

Drive the chariot across the sky like the sun god Helios. Each day, the sun god rides with his faithful steeds to bring us that warmth and light. Bring light to all your mates and their captain with this brief, which has an opening in front just below the waistband. The Helios Brief is available in white or black for $17.61.

Pikante's Heated History


Which greek myth do you enjoy the most? Who is the sun god in your life? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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