Pikante Warrior Legends

Pikante Warrior Legends

The men of 300 are back and hotter than ever. This time they’re looking for new Spartans and we are ready to help you land the part as one of the Pikante Warrior Legends. Sparta may not have won the last battle in its entirety, then again, it’s not important who won the battle, but rather who looked the best while fighting it. In the new arrival from Pikante Underwear, sexy is standard and spiciness is guaranteed. Imagine being in the gladiator arena in one of these briefs, fending off lions and other muscled gladiators. All the glory in the kingdom is at stake, but we know you’ll fight gallantly in a pair of these mobilizing and seductive briefs.

God of War Brief

Are you ready for war? Are you ready to show your opponent who is more badass? Or maybe who has a better ass? How can you not win in the God of War Brief. The God of War brief has a mesh front, showing off your weapon in all of its glory, turning up the heat in this already heated battle. The God of War Brief is available in white, red, or black for $21.48.

Pikante Warrior Legends


Spartan Warrior Brief

If Gerard Butler can be a Spartan Warrior, then so can we, right? This brief is homage to the regal look of the Spartan Warriors, who were greatly outnumbered in the famous fight against the Persian invaders. The shimmer of this brief adds a dash of flash for a strong, armored look. The Spartan Warrior Brief is available in black or grey for $20.48.Pikante Warrior Legends


Who would you fend off in a battle of the bravest? Which look would you choose for your gladiator moment? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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