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Everyone knows that, in terms of fashion, keeping things simple is a classy way to go. Parke & Ronen is one of the few that knows it’s a sexy way to go. The New York-based brand firmly believes that less is more, and it shows in their underwear. Parke & Ronen currently offers briefs and boxer briefs in solid color designs, most completed with a sleek, satin-finished waistband. The brand name is centered on the elastic, entirely in lowercase letters. Why is it so minimal? Because Parke & Ronen prefers “chic sensuality to glitz and gimmicks.” That’s the sort of thing we wanted for our Underwear of the Month Club.

As classic as Parke & Ronen’s underwear is, they stay on top of trends without over-doing them for the sake of a statement. Both the brand’s brief and boxer brief are designed with narrow modern cuts. Aside from that, the brand is faithful to a refined look. Focus is put on quality fabrics, simple silhouettes, and a flattering fit. Consider it the white button-up shirt of underwear, classic and elegant.

One of the greatest things about Parke & Ronen is that they’re underwear is classy enough for people to take notice. But it isn’t so flashy that the underwear is all they notice. The refined aesthetic the brand uses keeps the attention on the man wearing their underwear. You don’t just want underwear that looks good. You want underwear that looks good on you. And with Parke & Ronen, you get both.

In our shoot with model Jared North, we show off the latest and greatest from the brand. We’re excited to add them to our offerings in the club! Do you love the look of these undies? Add Parke and Ronen any many other amazing brands to your undie drawer by joining our Curated Underwear Club.









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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusivley for The Underwear Expert

Model: Jared North

Feature Image: Parke & Ronen Solid Pima Cotton Brief – Red


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