Keeping It Casual,Featuring papi

21-year-old Sam Gee exploded onto the scene this past year as an international GoGo Boy, and we here at The Underwear Expert, were thrilled to learn we’d get to do a shoot with him! Sam comes to us from Matinee USA, an international party franchise that throws the hottest parties here in the states as well. Matinee’s idea was to reinvent the gay nightlife experience and create not only the best party, but also the best spectacle. Sam Gee models some of our favorite pairs of underwear from papi, which is almost as good as seeing him in person at Matinee!

Papi is a brand you don’t need to think twice about. Even though some of their designs are more fashionable and some more athletic, they’re always casual and comfortable. You can grab a pair and go, knowing you’ll feel great all day long. Whether you go for a brief, a jock, or their fan-favorite Brazilian trunks, papi is where it’s at in terms of everyday underwear.

Fans of papi know casual doesn’t have to mean bland. Every underwear brand out there offers their take on “basics” that keep things simple and comfortable. Papi is no exception, yet their underwear designs still seem to have a bit more fun. Their upbeat attitude can come from sporty wide waistbands or color contrasts that make a pair of their undies pop.

Papi was always near the top of our wish list of brands to sign on to our Curated Underwear Club. Their underwear is masculine and casual, with just enough style to get every guy imaginable on board. You can rely on them to keep up with men’s underwear trends, and not to over do it. Nothing too flashy or too loud here. They keep it current, they keep it casual, and they make it comfortable. They’re an essential part of our underwear club and every man’s personal underwear collection.





Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Sam Gee

Sponsored by Matinee USA
To buy tickets to Matinee Las Vegas, click here.


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