We Are Getting Wild For Our Favorite WildmanT Looks

100%, Comfortable, 100% confident and 100% sexy. What do all of these bold words have in common? WildmanT. This sexy underwear brand offers one of the largest selections of stylish, men-enhancing underwear on the underwear market today. All of their collections have been produced to help give you the fullest package so you can look and feel your best. The WildmanT underwear company focuses on providing many options for men who want to feel confident and ramp up their sex appeal. Most of their designs come with built-in, adjustable, and removable genital rings for your discretion. At The Underwear Expert, we like this unabashedly sexy company because of their affordable deals. If you wanted to intensify your underwear  collection, we have picked out some of our favorite WildmanT looks. These pairs are the perfect sidekick to your wildest adventures.

The WildmanT Athlete Boxer Brief has been designed with a sporty style. But it wouldn’t be a WildmanT brief without some sensual features. The boxer brief is blended with 94% cotton and 6% spandex for ultimate comfort and added stretch benefits to help your pair retain its shape and color. The stretchy boxer brief will mold to your body and accentuate your masculine curves. The trendy athlete boxer brief is decked out in a green and white color block design and offers full rear coverage.


The WildmanT Apollo Jock is a Euro-inspired jockstrap. It’s been infused with underwear qualities from typical brief and jockstrap designs, effectively combining sleekness and sexiness. The front has full coverage while the fear features two straps that lift your butt to new heights. The pair is low-rise so it will fall underneath your natural waistline. The fabric helps retain shape and color while giving you ultimate comfort.


If you don’t want to go full-throttle on the sex appeal, tone it down with the WildmanT Stitch Short. It will still put your manly assets on display while giving you a full coverage style. This versatile pair has been cut with a low-rise, lean-cut brief to maximize your mobility. The cotton material provides you with comfort while the spandex material gives moldable and shape-retaining qualities. The white contrast stitching helps this modestly sexy pair pop even more.


The Ball Lifter collection is one of the sexiest WildmanT designs. It’s seen as a step-up from the regular jock-strap design. This pair has one purpose, and one purposely only, to turn up the heat. The best thing about this pair is the simple design. There aren’t any contraptions, buttons, pulleys that you need to figure out. There is a soft, secure elastic band that helps push your package forward. It’s a natural enhancement that will give you comfort and confidence.


Which one of our favorite WildmanT looks are your favorite? What do you like about WildmanT? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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