Now You See Me, With Charlie Matthews

The man and model known as Charlie Matthews walks into our studio here in Hollywood, a wave of energy and confidence. He wears a loose tank top and shorts, keeping it casual. With nearly 450 thousand followers on Instagram alone, if you don’t know Charlie, you’re among a constantly dwindling list. Seeing him now, all six-packs and smoldering eyes, you’d never imagine him as the lonely and somewhat overweight professional video gamer he was just a few years ago.

Matthews was walking to his car in the parking lot of Stater Bros. Market – an Orange Country grocery store where he worked – when a man came up to him. The man lead with a typical, “Hey, you got a good look. Have you ever tried modeling?” Charlie hadn’t even considered it. Now, after loosing weight, getting ripped, and getting a little taste of fame, he can’t even begin to calculate how modeling has entirely changed his life.

“I’ve been doing this for three years and I feel like I’m just getting started,” says Matthews, although you may have seen his face in a number of campaigns. Having recently signed with a new agency here in LA (DT Model Management), he’s feeling a renewed desire to get out there and conquer even more of the modeling world.

In this shoot featuring underwear available in our Underwear of the Month Club, we put a giant sunshine spotlight on this up-and-comer. If you don’t know Charlie… you soon will.


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Before we can head up to our rooftop location, Matthews hand picks the underwear for his shoot. He’s quick to start choosing red, which, according to him, “always stands out.” When you’re vying for attention among the millions of pretty faces in the constantly fickle world of social media, standing out is essential.

He sifts through the rack, pulling brands he’s not only familiar with, but for whom he’s worked. “2(X)IST, I keep in touch with them all the time,” he says, “and of course Naked underwear.” He’s quick to point out that he still has great relationships with brands he’s shot for and that he still gets free undies from them from time to time. That’s just a perk of being an underwear model. If only we were all so lucky!

For a little more inspiration, we ask what he put on this morning. Matthews shows us his grey boxer briefs, another of his favorite colors. Together we pull a few classy grey pairs to mix in with the bolder red choices. As we narrow down the options, a cohesive combination of everyday classics and sharp style comes into focus. It’s almost as good as a personality test and leaves us wondering what pairs the quiet Charlie of the past would have chosen?


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The red pairs of underwear that catch Matthews’ eye have a modern flair that’s casual and a little sporty. Whether it comes from an active cut or sporty accents, he prefers red underwear with some kind of athletic appeal, which makes sense. He went from hardcore gamer to hard-bodied model, and couldn’t have done it without a devotion to fitness. That athleticism is reflected in his choice of underwear.

Most people think red underwear is all about sex appeal. But first and foremost, it’s about confidence. It’s a color that says, “look at me!” We couldn’t pick a better color for a man who says he never got attention in high school and admits to basically being a total loner. Now he’s getting used to the overwhelming attention, and is A-OK with being seen.


Bread & Boxers Trunk (Charcoal) – Available in the Curated Underwear Club (Learn More)


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You can see the influence of his success in the fashion industry coming through in the underwear Matthews wears. Whether it’s one of the more revealing briefs or one of the full-coverage boxer briefs, everything he chose has a contemporary aesthetic. He happy with a square-cut trunk or a narrow hip-brief, two of the most stylish cuts in today’s underwear market. From sleek and simple, to eye-catching and sporty, we think this guy has pretty good taste. Don’t you agree?

Our rooftop shoot is over too soon. We can tell you this, Charlie Matthews knows what he’s doing in front of the camera. He’s quick and confident. Maybe it’s the red undies, but we’d rather wager it’s probably the growing resume of experience and his growing fan base that fuels his prowess. Whether as a model, or with his YouTube channel on which he hopes to inspire others, we see a bright and bold future for this stunning young man.

If you want your underwear collection to look like his, you’re going to want solid-color pairs of underwear with minimal accents. Don’t be afraid of something flashy, but nothing that tries too hard. Don’t be afraid to choose your favorite colors, but make sure to drop in some classics for added versatility. Keep it casual, and most importantly, keep it confident.

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Are you one of Charlie Matthews’ followers on Instagram? Which pair of underwear do you think he looks best in? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Bread & Boxers, C-IN2, Garçon Model, Naked, papi, Parke & Ronen

Model: Charlie Matthews I DT Model Management

Feature Image: 2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief

Products Supplied by 2(X)IST, Bread & Boxers, C-IN2, Garçon Model, Naked, papi, Parke & Ronen


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