Luck O’ The Irish In N2N Green And Gold

It’s a simple fact: some color combinations are better than others – and some never look better than on a holiday. You wouldn’t wear black and orange if it wasn’t Halloween. Red and green is for Christmas, maybe the week leading up. And what about Saint Patrick’s Day? The holiday is done up in green every year. You wear green clothes, you drink green beer. And if you’re like us, you wear your best green underwear.

Technically speaking, Saint Patrick’s Day colors are the same as the Irish flag: green, white, and orange. But unless you’re wearing a shirt with the Irish flag printed on it, those colors can be hard to pull off. A more fashion-savvy alternative? Green and gold or yellow. The color combination has a lot of zest to it. Together they have a nice balance of light and dark, and get it from two colors that aren’t so different from each other.

The N2N Primary Collection includes underwear designed with a classic color and contrasting yellow accents. The even-tone of the colors is also surprisingly striking – exactly the shade you’d find in a small box of crayons. They’re refreshingly simple, and bring out the underwear’s retro aesthetic.

A more modern and seasonable take on green and gold underwear would take those base colors and make them brights. The N2N Spartan Brief is designed with yellow accents and a mint green body. The mint green gives the underwear a much softer appeal, the yellow accents are actually darker than the fabric color. But what really spruces up the pair is it’s Greek-inspired waistband design. It’s less sporty, and more suitable for men with trendier tastes in underwear.

No matter how you stitch and cut it though, green and gold is a festive color combination. If there was any holiday to associate these colors to, it would be St. Patrick’s Day. They’ll show your fun and festive side and keep you from getting pinched. They’re also perfect for the ensuing hangover, and the work week from hell.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Andy Peeke

Feature Image: N2N Primary Brief – Green


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