Mountain Men Must-Have: Obviously Lumber Collection

Summer is on its way, and for some men this means planning a trip to the beach. But for more rugged men, this means planning a camping trip to the woods. You pack the right kind of clothes, pick a spot, and grab your favorite trail mix. Assuming you don’t want to go commando in the woods, you’re going to need plenty of comfortable underwear. Lucky for you, the Obviously Lumber Collection is all about that mountain man style. Even better, it comes in four styles and four color options, so you can dress for the occasion, no matter where you escape to.

Underwear from the Obviously Lumber Collection comes in the form of a hipster brief, a trunk, a 3-inch boxer, and a 9-inch boxer. Picking the right one depends on how you plan to spend those days among nature. If you’re taking a hike, go for the hipster brief’s wide leg openings for maximum mobility, or the 9-inch boxer’s long legs built to prevent chafing. These styles are recommended for men with larger, more muscular legs. All four styles, however, are built to handle just about any activity. This means they won’t ride up, and you won’t have that active discomfort between your legs.

The Lumber Hipster Trunk and 3-Inch Boxer Brief are cut for slimmer body shapes. So if your legs aren’t built like tree trunks, you might want to give those styles a try. The Hipster Trunk sits lower on the waist compared to other styles in the collection. It sits on the hip bones and shows a little extra skin, but still covers everything that’s meant to be hidden. If you’ve got an enviable rear-end, we recommend the 3-Inch Boxer Brief – built with more room in the buttocks area.

Now if you’re thinking: I’m camping and kind of want to spend the trip as close to nature as possible, we’re right there with you, and so is this collection. Each style in the collection is designed with the brand’s AnatoFREE pouch design. It has a shallow, anatomically correct shape that lets your package hand downward the way nature intended. The trick is a small contouring seam that isn’t just there for comfort. It’s also insanely flattering. Combine that with the Lumber Collection’s bamboo rayon and lycra material, and you’ll feel naked without flashing Mother Nature.

In terms of fashion sense, you’re looking at nothing but masculine style. Fans of Obviously underwear would also be interested to know, the Lumber Collection features a new texturized waistband. All four color options are accented with contrast piping for a look that’s just as sporty as it is casual. The style may be inspired by the great outdoors, but it’s fashionable enough for any guy, tree-hugger or city-slicker. Buy a pair or two for your camping trip, and hold on to them for your more casual daily needs as well.

Are you going to wear underwear from the Obviously Lumber Collection on your next camping trip? Which of the four underwear styles best suits your needs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Nick Kici

Feature Image: Obviously Lumber AnatoFREE Hipster Brief – Cranberry

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