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Marco Marco Jockstrap

We’re huge fans of anything that Marco Marco creates, from their boxer briefs, to their zip up hoodies. Each of their collections features the infamous Marco Marco design, including vibrant colors and sexy cuts. Recently we’ve been fawning over their jockstraps though. There is much to be discovered when it comes to the collection of Marco Marco Jockstraps, each is as fashionable and innovative as the next. Each jock has the sporty and athletic aesthetic we all want, but they also feature unique and exceptionally stylish designs and color schemes. Whether you like bold and vibrant, bright neons or somewhere in between, there is a Marco Marco jockstrap with your name on it.

The new UV Marco Marco Jockstraps are available in green, pink or yellow. Each neon color option is complemented with a signature black Marco Marco waistband, which highlights the UV reactive fabric. The rear elastic straps have been created to provide maximum support and a slight lift for your backside. With tonal stitching down the front side, these jocks are as fashionable as they are sporty.

More subdued color choices can be found with the black or royal blue jockstrap. These options are slightly more conservative in their aesthetic, and are sure to become instant favorites in your underwear drawer. If you’re more inclined to purchase underwear with patterns though, we recommend the Red-Yellow Geo Spiral Jockstrap, or the Basketball Mesh Jockstrap. The Geo Spiral jock features a beautiful blend of orange, pink, purple and white which all meld together to form a super sleek and attention grabbing front pouch. The Basketball Mesh jock features breathable, high-quality spandex fabric, covered with black basketball mesh. This performance-based spandex jock strap is versatile enough for the gym or everyday wear, and is sure to add some innovation to your underwear collection.

What kind of fashion jockstraps do you prefer? Which is your favorite in the Marco Marco Jockstraps collection? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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