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This year, it’s all about that red, white, and blue! In America, millennials are on fire supporting their favored presidential candidate and now that election season is gearing up, your vote counts more than ever. If you’re a U.S. citizen, over 18 years old and you meet your state’s residency requirements, check in with your specific state’s requirements to sign up online or go to your local government precincts to register in person. It’s time to make a difference! If you’re feeling the burn and want to take your support even further, try out some patriotic Aware Soho designed underwear.

Check out the tastefully placed stripes on the Aware Soho AMERICA Trunks. Since day one, America customers have been a huge supporter of Aware Soho’s sleek underwear. As a sign of recognition, Aware Soho designed these trunks with the recognizable U.S. flag red stripes printed over the sexy pair. The white elastic waistband has the blue “AWARE” logo printed on the band; a great color characteristic to tie the American look together. The ultra soft 95% cotton and 5% elastane material adds supreme comfort and stretching components to your underwear for a perfect wearing experience.

Aware Soho features several, different collections of unique flag prints from other countries as a nod to their international aesthetic, like the Aware Soho DAY Jockstrap in cobalt blue. This jockstrap is great for athletic and leisure wear. The jockstrap comes in many sporty colors and is composed out of a special cotton and elastane blend for support and comfort. The jock strap is a solid blue colored to highlight your package. The white sides of the jockstrap wrap around the rear to give a cheeky lift for a sexy versatility you can wear to your date nights!

If you want to take your patriotism to the next level, show California some love with the Aware Soho California Briefs. The stylish underwear brand dedicated an entire underwear collection to the breezy state of California. The briefs represent the state’s philosophy: laid back and sensual. The low-rise briefs will hit you at your hips to expose a little more of your stomach. If that doesn’t grab someone’s attention, the large red “CALIFORNIA” logo will surely make a bold statement. The briefs were designed with a roomier front pouch for your package to add more support while the 95% cotton and 5% elastane blend features breathing cotton so you can wear this all day long.

Are you registering to vote this year? What’s your favorite patriotic Aware Soho underwear? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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