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It’s a bright day and clouds are nowhere to be found. We’re feeling lucky, and not just because model Kyle Kriesel walked into our studio. We’re feeling lucky, because in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re featuring green underwear. We took Kyle to the hills beneath the Hollywood sign and brought with us a bag full of green undies. They range in shades from army to emerald, and each brings a different twist to the color. All are suitable as your next good luck charm, just in time for the Irish holiday.

Green is an under-appreciated color. It’s a versatile color. A slightly different shade can bring an entirely new attitude to your style. For most men, it’s not a hard color to appreciate. Definitely less out-there than say purple or yellow. It’s the easiest way to break up your underwear blues. All it takes is the right shade for you and you’re in business. Green is the color of luck and if it’s missing from your underwear collection, you’re in luck today. In this shoot featuring underwear available in our Underwear of the Month Club, we round up the best green pairs and show you it’s pretty easy (and sexy) being green.


Mack Weldon Trunk (Army Green) – Available in our Curated Shop
N2N Boxer Brief (Mellow Green) – Available in our Curated Shop

Some men prefer a more masculine style. A lot of times this means sticking to a strict palette of colors, nothing too bright, and nothing you wouldn’t see on a suit. Army green is the most masculine shade of green. It brings a military-style appeal. Brands that work with the color do so in an orderly fashion. A less-is-more design follows through on the army green’s attitude. It’s handsomely reserved, and perfect for breaking up rotation’s of black, grey, and navy.

Lighter shades of green more life to them. Most men with neon green pairs of underwear find them on the performance side of their underwear drawer. Active underwear is always more likely to be bright and energetic. Green is one of the best colors to give that neon twist. It doesn’t get too bright, yet it amplifies green as a color of life. It’s a color for guys who like to exercise, guys who like to party, and especially for guys who like to balance both.


C-IN2 Super Bright Trunk (Toxic Green)– Available in our Curated Shop



PUMP! Raver Brief – Available in our Curated Shop


Modus Vivendi Eco Brief (Green/White/Black) – Available in our Curated Shop


Marco Marco GI Brief (Camo) – Available in our Curated Shop


papi Varsity Heather Brief – Available in our Curated Shop

Smaller doses of green still serve to bring the color’s charm to darker pairs of underwear. If you like your clothes dark and only want pops of color to contrast against black, look for designs with green accents. They’ll bring a noticeable variety to your collection. Accents can’t be lost in the mix, they should be highlights. These green accents define the shape and cut of their briefs. Green is a color nobody misses. So place it where you want people to look.

A softer way to make green work for your style is to bring it together with heather materials. Heather materials use a second color of fiber to give colors a more neutral hue. It’s a calmer look most commonly seen on loungewear designs. This gives you a more relaxed shade of green. It’s as masculine as army green, but with a less take-charge aesthetic. Heather materials also serve as a nice balance for neon colors. Some brands put the two together for a balance reminiscent of modern leisure design.


Mack Weldon Boxer Brief (Green Heather) – Available in our Curated Shop


Cocksox CSX12 Boxer Brief (Emerald Green) – Available in our Curated Shop 

Whether or not green is a color you think about wearing, you’re going to be wearing it for Saint Patrick’s Day (unless you enjoy being pinched). The color deserves more representation than a single day out of the year. Add it to your underwear collection, and dress the part of a man with luck on his side.

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How many pairs of green underwear do you own? Which of our featured pairs would you most want in your collection? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: C-IN2, Cocksox, Mack Weldon, Marco Marco, Modus Vivendi, N2N, papi, PUMP!, teamm8

Model: Kyle Kriesel I DT Model Management

Feature Image: Mack Weldon Boxer Brief – Army Green

Products Supplied by C-IN2, Cocksox, Mack Weldon, Marco Marco, Modus Vivendi, N2N, papi, PUMP!, teamm8


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