Shop Talk: skull & bones

Shop Talk: skull & bones

New York recently had the pleasure of opening its doors to underwear designer skull & bones. skull & bones was founded on the belief that an underwear company could make exciting, superior basics, without passing the cost on to the customer. Why? Because all too often “premium basics” equates to boring. If you ever find yourself exhausted looking for a pair of underwear that stands out from the rest in design as much as they stand out for their quality and softness, then skull & bones is a brand for you.

They started from the ground up, obsessing over every single stitch, sampling every kind of fabric and trying hundreds of fits until they created their dream product. Then they took it even further by incorporating superior fabrics like Modal, Supima Cotton and high-tech Carbon Fiber. Each item that skull & bones creates delivers an exciting design and attitude that has the softness of a luxury product and the technology to prevent and absorb sweat and unpleasant odors.

Essentially, skull & bones is an underwear and t-shirt line designed by men for men that uniquely combines activewear, luxury underwear and minimalist design to create a unique blend of comfort and exceptional style. Through a blend of luxurious and high-tech fabrics, they provide shoppers with lightweight, premium underwear. skull & bones promises to provide you with the clothing that will allow you to be your most confident and comfortable, no matter the occasion. Their motive is to provide their customers with the products to support all active lifestyles, whether you’re hitting the gym or getting ready for a night out. skull & bones understands a man’s desire for excitement and adventure and how busy a person’s life can get – and they’re here to support you through it all. There’s no reason not to maintain your impeccable sense of style, right down to your underwear, no matter the occasion.

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