Get Into Beast Mode With Andrew Christian

You have read many underwear articles espousing the detailed pouch trimming, breathable fabric composition and amazing fitted fabric before you think, enough is enough. Where’s the proof? There are only so many articles you can read about the best athletic briefs to wear to your high-intensity workout before you want to see the evidence. Lucky for you, Andrew Christian likes to put their underwear collections to the test, like the Andrew Christian Vibe Collection. They designed their athletic collection with sex appeal in mind. All of their briefs and boxers have been composed with an extra layer of moisture wicking fabric to keep perspiration away. The Vibe collection features a unique snuggle pouch for your package to fall naturally into. In short? It’ll be as comfortable as your bed when you’re pressing the snooze alarm before you have to head into work but high-performing enough to wear to your sweatiest of workouts. Watch handsome underwear model, Pablo Hernandez, get into beast mode with Andrew Christian.

The video starts off with a stretch before it jumps into a shot of Pablo lifting some heavy-duty weights. His rock hard body and the Andrew Christian Vibe Brief are on full display as he does a few rounds of different body workouts that activate his abs, arms, and leg muscles. See how the underwear stays put and remains dry even after he’s completed a few reps. There is no sticking, squashing, sweating, chafing or readjustment troubles as Pablo pushes his workout to its limits. The intimate, up close shots of his muscles flexing and the different shots of the underwear show that this is a great collection for your athletic needs.

In your eyes, what was the best part about the video- besides Pablo Hernandez getting into beast mode with Andrew Christian? Do you want to try out the Andrew Christian Vibe collection?  Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Andrew Christian

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

Model Credit: Pablo Hernandez

Video Credit: Andrew Christian

Products Supplied by Andrew Christian


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  1. Holy Gear Head says:

    Having really liked various styles of AC I ordered 4 pair of vibe boxer briefs. I’m looking forward to their ETA on Saturday.

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