Pairing Resistance Band Exercise with Freedom Reigns Aero Trunks

Freedom Reigns Aero

It’s time to put the dumbbells down and give resistance band exercise a shot. Resistance band exercise is a great way to improve strength and balance, and since each workout requires a full range of motion, you’re able to target muscles that you may have been missing in the past. There are several different exercises you can participate in, so your routine can always remain fresh and new. Another plus to resistance bands is that they’re portable, so if you do get into a good routine, you can continue that routine whether you’re traveling for work or working out from home.

Since a full range of motion is one of the key components to resistance band exercising, we knew we’d have to find a pair of underwear that moves with your body and contours to your natural shape, and the Freedom Reigns Aero Sport Trunk does just that! Whether you’re working your arms out with the Lunge and Biceps Curl, or working your buttocks out with a Squat and Overhead Press, or just working on your abs with crunches and lat pull downs, the Freedom Reigns Aero Sport Trunk will keep you secure and supported. For each of these exercises, it’s imperative that you’re able to reach your full range of motion with comfort and ease, which is why we recommend Freedom Reigns.

The Freedom Reigns Aero Sport Trunk offers an exceptionally comfortable fit and feel, thanks to the cotton composition. The 5% spandex addition allows these trunks to move with your body, while they contour to your shape and support you where you need it the most. With a contour pouch for lift and added comfort, the Freedom Reigns Aero Sport Trunk is perfect for full body exercising. The low rise trunk also features a powerful waistband and leg openings that won’t ride up on you. Aside from function, these trunks deliver a super sporty and athletic style. The bold color choices, stripe details and logo waistband all come together to create a superb pair of athletic underwear.

Have you tried resistance band exercises before? Which underwear brand do you depend on when you’re in an active mood? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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